1. Look back at Awuzi at Colorado and you'll see he had alot of sacks,……. so look for him to be part of packages of the future !!!! http://www.collegefootballreference.com

  2. Is this D a unit that the Nfl hasn't seen since the Ravens a few years back? Where have those blitzes been? Now they have the talent to blitz effectively!!!

  3. The next two opponents are Seattle 0-2 and Detroit 0-2? then the currently 0-2 Texans? …….. looking good ! Yea one week at a time.

  4. Do we now have two shutdown cbs right now? Hell Brown has shocked me this year as hes playing decent. Yea Awuzi and Jones? Ask Beckham?

  5. Law…… they are getting Irvin back after week IV, imagine the possiblities if the defense is what they are now? Can the D get sooo good that Dallas could contend? One thing for sure…. if the defense is this good, they will be in EVERY game. ……………. We'll see.

  6. Yo wats good Law Brice Butler will be cool to bring back but I think we should give these wideouts a chance while it’s still early I think we will gel as the season progress!!!

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