1. 5:13 lol he's the one to talk shit he's as big a bust as they come!

  2. YOU just will NOT listen to reason, facts, stats, wins and losses.
    UNTIL, this Cowboy front office, JJ and Sons realize, comprehend the FIRST (1st) thing you do when building a DEFENSE is get the best DT's you can and that means at least TWO !
    We have had one but never two good DT's in 21 years now.
    The last time this Cowboy D was good 1997, Leon Lett, Chad Henning and Tony Casillas backing up. Gregory is not a great or good player. He is a player, above average maybe at best. When JJ thinks of the DLine its always the DE's and NEVER the DT's thus his stupidity and ignorance of the game.
    What wins today in the NFL ??? Productive DT's who dominate, period. Look at NE, Philly, Vikings, Jags
    21 Years have gone by and JJ and the Cowboy minds have tried every way known to man to win. Except what works and has worked since the beginning. It starts upfront at the interior and at the ball. NO, these guys are not easy to find. But we don't look, never draft and if he signs one, that it.

  3. Here we go again law nation back at it now

  4. Defense was embarrassing for dware to be apart of

  5. I CANNOT COMPREHEND how a Tight End that is 6'7 260lbs. in Former Texas A&M Aggies player Martellus Bennett don't have the wherewithal to learn the NUANCES of RUN and PASS BLOCKING.

  6. We had the worst Defense in franchise history!!

  7. The lady at 1:34 can be a better coach than Jason Garret

  8. Even Garrett would've been a better coach for the team this season. Wade didn't have an ounce of discipline and would just concur with Jerry.

  9. That team was full of talent
    Romo Marion written T.O Demarcus Ware Roy Williams Terrance Newman and had martellus Bennett and Danny amendola on the bench… and missed the playoffs

  10. First and Let's Go Cowboys baby!

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