1. So basically u saying if ZEKE gets hurt our season is over ?

  2. So just because a guy is a 1st round pick means he can’t be compared to a 7th round pick or a 4th? U a hypocrite bro because just recently on draft talk you said just because he’s a late round doesn’t mean he’s not better than a 1st. It’s also crazy that the ppl we follow on YouTube never played a IMPORTANT position in football but know so much ?

  3. New Subscriber…curious to know what made you and Law Nation Cowboy fans….I remember the first time my Dad took us to the old stadium….We sucked but it allowed our family to afford to go…4 tickets 4 bobble heads 4 hotdogs and 4 drinks for $100

  4. WATCH THE MADDEN 19 official first trailer. That could be you narrating lol

  5. Law, Imma let you finish but Kobe had one of the best playoff performances of all time!!! ALL TIME!!!

  6. WHY NO ONE ANALYZE THE COACH? Look at all the great coaches. They got TWO sides to their personality. Logic (which drives a process and/or a set of methods to win football) and Emotion (which MOTIVATES human beings to go beyond pain and suffering to WIN at ALL costs). JASON GARRETT IS JUST HALF A COACH!!! HE IS ONLY THE LOGICAL INTELLIGENT PROCESS MIND. Jason Garrett does NOT have the EMOTIONAL part of his personality to empathize, understand, and motivate his players BEYOND the intellectual. Look at Jimmy Johnson. Logical. He could put together a team. Figure who would win. BUT, cut a guy and even intimidate his STAR players with his fire and emotion. Bill Parcells. LOGIC and knowledge to identify great players, implement his system, but he ALSO put the fear of God into anyone who did not compete. He INSPIRED as well. Tom Landry. Known as a great innovator. One of the MOST intellectual coaches of all time. But even Roger Staubach talked about how cold and distant he would be from you if you did not win. Landry motivated through fear in his OWN way, but high power emotional driver. Vince Lombardi. HE could diagram a power sweep run down to the exact footsteps every player must take, and he KNEW where the other guys would be. But he was ALSO EMOTIONAL. A motivator of men. Bill Belichik. Super intelligent, but ALSO super emotional motivator. Great coaches BOTH understand what is needed exactly to win, and ALSO how to motivate men to do great things above and beyond their best. Garrett does not understand psychology of players. How to motivate. Just repeating the word "Fight" over and over again does NOT motivate. THAT is why our teams get tired and collapse in the second half of games and in the end of the season. THAT is why we do not elevate to a higher level in the playoffs. WE WILL NEVER WIN A SUPER BOWL THANKS TO JASON GARRETT. But — here's our only hope. Barry Switzer did NOT know how to win in pro football. But he was an emotional motivator. As Troy Aikman said, "We won DESPITE our head coach." That was 1995. The team already KNEW how to win intellectually. The playbook. the offense and the defense were designed. Switzer simply yucked it up enough and motivated players to win, and we got a Super Bowl. But we're not that good today — not good enough to overcome a weak "half" head coach. ANALYZE THAT, LAW!!! TELL ME I'M WRONG. STUDY HEAD COACHES AND WHAT IT TAKES MENTALLY TO LEAD. Great military generals can look at a battlefield just before the fighting starts and tell you exactly who's going to win and why in just a couple seconds. THAT is why great generals can look at a battle, ADJUST before getting into the fight, and change the outcome. Jason Garrett Can't Do It!!!! This is about leadership. Both preparation AND gametime.

  7. Law Nation always giving that non-biased high level commentary. Too bad that chat was filled with a bunch of emotional idiots. Got damn.

  8. People still forget that carson wentz went 7-9 in his first year and last place in the division. But dak has done something that no QB has done in the division since Mcnabb was win back to back season so let the haters hate law. Salute!

  9. Deion Sanders is my all-time favorite, but that's his opinion. the reality is when we didn't have our running back we're supposed to go to our other main man Dez Bryant. and I watched, so many games of him failing at crucial moments. even 2016 when he fumbled the ball in the fourth quarter against the Giants and we lost. We need a new start with our new qb and hb. That's all. Dez, Tony, and Witten, you tried and we endured it with you but we need to feed Zek and attack with Dak (now).

  10. Dak needs to improve on his accuracy though I do believe he's part of the reason Dez is gone.

  11. Not part of the chat box but a 100% belive bro DC4LIFE. Chris Richards gona be Defensive cordinatoor next year if we have a winning record right if Marinelli does retire

  12. Eagles have two better QB's than Dak…..come on this year is gonna be a long season no Witten

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