1. We going threw this schedule I see 12-4 We Dem Boyz 🔥🔥🔥

  2. we can win 10 of these games, but several of the games will be competitive and will have to come down to coaching. With that said alone, for me personally I say 7-9

  3. I expect 11 wins at least and I’m getting some strong Olawale and Tavon Austin vibes. Those two with Zeke are going to make such a strong offense. This song has Tavon Austin written all over it. https://youtu.be/J32L6dgbA-U


  5. Crazy. I was just thinking about 20 personal today. 75% of the league does not suit a FB. We rarely ran it in the the past because we wanted big sexy Wit on the field always, but now in 20. Got our five hogs with a hat on hat and Jamize Olawale picking up whoever or faking to Zeke them throwing him the ball. The dude who has some YAC in him. Got a few 60 + tds. I really think teams having to game plan for 20 will be killer. I don't see us in 21 much this way year unless Rico is actually becomes something

  6. Hard to say what games we can win right now looking at the schedule…. with the question marks Still being the receiving Corps safeties defensive tackles and is Dak Prescott going to be improved from last year?

  7. I don’t think anyone sleeps on the weapons that NY has. The problem they have is how trash that O-line is. Still don’t think they’ve done enough to stop the pass rush but they picked up enough to help out the rushing attack

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