1. Say Law
    Heard early this morning Randy Gregory is awaiting a reaction from the league concerning a substance abuse violation that occurred in August

    It also stated thus doesn't necessarily mean suspension as the league I'd softening on suspensions vs treatment etc

  2. Let's do this Cowboy Nation today is game day. Oh yeah let's rock

  3. Say Law
    Which one is it?
    It's said TE is the 2nd hardest position to learn next to the QB
    Concerning Rico Gathers not yet have grasped the entire concept, I've heard you echo that belief earlier in OTA's about him being at risk for being cut
    Yet you just said the same about the center bring the 2nd hardest position to learn
    I feel comfortable for now about Joe Looney at center himself
    Yet concerned if he has to assist young CWill often it may hamper his duties to open lanes for Zeke

    Zeke himself, has enough to be the best
    As you said, IF he can stay healthy & on the field

  4. With a DOMINATE running game controlling the clock, assisting the D. It can win but its a different approach than what anybody has used for years. Now its the same O and D, high geared and spread apart. Zeke is THE #1 Rb in the NFL, period. His attitude is awesome as always. He is ready to pound the rock and his backup is nasty too (Smith). But our D has to be able to make plays in order for a title shot. I believe the Lb's are in place and ready barring injury. Lee, Smith, Wilson, Thomas, etc.. And the secondary is young but just fine, long armed and physical. But dang it, you know what I am going to say…….
    AGAIN this year in the off season we add BS players who are supposed to be the difference (one in a trade). Neither made the squad (Ealy, Ward). THE only thing positive I have seen so far is TCRAW has been moved back inside and thank goodness because he was the worst starting DE in NFL history ! Ok, so I'm exaggerating but starting 16 games, 60% of snaps and being ranked statistically the 106th DL in the NFL is pitiful.
    But even inside he is not great. He was my favorite player, I almost bought his jersey. I told people he would be in the Ring of Honor, I WAS WRONG ! Only Collins, 3rd round pick has potential. You know the rest, Irving has no commitment and can only beat the bottom 20 lines. Yes, we have Armstrong who is an incredible athlete. And my hopes are on A. Woods who I have bragged on all pre-season.
    NO high picks in the draft for DT/NT/1tech. THE MOST important position on the defense. And now for 22 years we have tried to build a sturdy building, a Defense from the roof down.
    A Dominant Defensive Line is what won our 5 Titles and gave us 8 appearances. Because they are the backbone of the defense. But JJ & Sons and the front office will never understand this. Even if the last 10 SB"s teams had great DLines with great talent

  5. Zeke gone feast this year, last year was fuel to the fire, I appreciate you and Voch Lombardi you dudes help me out a lot

  6. Reid filed a grievance against the NFL just because the Bengals "asked" him about it. He also said he wasn't gonna kneel in 2017 but he did anyway…..he's a dumbass…that's why he's not signed. "He planned to stand for the anthem during the 2017 season but knelt again after the violent far-right protests in Charlottesville in August of that year." Like Kaepernick he's not worth the distraction….same with Dez…and that's not political. Some players haven't learned you don't shit where you eat…simple as that.

  7. Love the show but you be reaching some times lol

  8. It definitely has to be a team effort. Im hoping Zeke goes off on them on Sunday! Depth is key. Go Cowboys!

  9. Law nation sup man hope you have a great day

  10. Sunday is frightening because I don't think Looney is a guy who can keep the throwing lane open for Prescott. Can they keep the middle of the line stable with the dts Carolina has? Then you have a rookie in Connor Williams. We know Garrett with his adjustments. If the toilet paper holder was empty Garrett would resort to using his socks rather then looking for paper. Hes a terrible coach as he showed vs. Atlanta last year.

  11. Zeke a freak of nature

  12. Thanks Law, nothing but the best!

  13. Catching the ball is the only thing holding him back

  14. Guess we are holding out for Earl.. But at what cost?

  15. Hey Law. How Bad is Chido hurt? os he going to play hurt?

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