1. Change the damn music at the start of the video. Just horrible.

  2. LAW you don't know what happens behind the scenes. You can make fun of Jerry and Garrett all you want, you yourself throw guys under the bus anyway. Plenty of Cowboys players stay out of trouble and that nothing but a fact. Stupid players act stupid across the NFL not just in Dallas.

  3. Wg law. I haven't been on the tube but I'm back. I really thought white had a good chance to be a solid backup. He was on the practice squad all last year and this was his year to prove himself. OH well I guess the depth chart cleans itself up.

  4. Law! Really let's get real here. Why do you keep applying it's a coaching problem when the coach doesn't have the authority to do what's needed or what he wants. Can clapper suspend, fine, trade, draft, release or whatever??? NO HE CANNOT!!! Only Jerry cowboy can so in all honesty many think that clapper should have been gone and I agree but everyone needs to look at who holds all the cards. This will never happen but to all the fans if you want this team to go back to the super bowl, hit Jones where it matters. Start boycotting this organization to where there's a difference in finance . He'll swallow his pride…

  5. What's Brother, your doing a marvelous job, I greatly appreciate your videos…much knowledge my Brother, Been a Cowboy fan since 75 from Washington DC living in East Texas now…

  6. LOL….Now here is funny joke…..Question: If two Dallas Cowboys are riding in the same car, who is driving? Answer: The police.

  7. All I’m saying is if I had the chance to play in the NFL I wouldn’t even have the time for that bullshit. Dumb ass players man

  8. I know it's old news & all but at some point these players are going to have to realize they have a lot more to lose than the average person out there and are going to have to swallow their Pride in certain situations, be the better man so they can live to play another day. There ain't no future in it("keeping it real")when you are in the NFL.(Zeke seems to understand that now,Thank God)
    -When you don the Star it's better to lay in the cut than to be in the Limelight.

  9. Law this man is just ignorant or stoned?! Two sides to a story but now with our issues, we don’t or didn’t need this! Mahalo Law , 808-Yong

  10. I'm still waiting on info. Concealed carry is one thing, but Texas is an open carry state and being black, it will NOT work in his favor without interference. His life could have been threatened, and it might not matter.

  11. Fuck you law your a bitch you don't know shit

  12. Nobody ever hears of Patriots players getting in police trouble, ya know why, all the cops in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for that matter, they’re all Patriots fans, or if their not, their piers would give them a hard time. Texas is strict….did the other dude get arrested too?? Anyway with that being said, I bet they cut him…..Law my Paisan I think your horse is going to get put down now. Like Lucky, he turned out to be innocent, but because he was expendable, he was the scapegoat & the same thing will now happen to Marquez White.

  13. Nice bow tie. I like your style.

  14. Calm down people, its not like he had the majority of snaps last season. We have plenty of good corners left. I'm guessing this case will just be resolved out of court, like the other case at the at&t stadium was. And even if not, certainly not the end of the world.

  15. Dark horse and team most overused words in football

  16. Can't say I'm surprised..

  17. You have to be kidding me right

  18. Next man up!!!
    Cowboys forever ?
    ???? LAW!!!

  19. I thought Dez Bryant was the sacrificial lamb!?

  20. Trust Marinelli. We will have a top ranked Dline

  21. Forget about T-Will and his broken foot and his DUI. The worse was the bold face lies afterwards. Remember he said that he had the insurance information from the driver in front of him, and several people fell for that crap and even tried to make it a racial incident with the police. Remember?

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