1. Good video Law! Thank you for providing us with your knowledge!

  2. I don't see the Eagles on top of the devision this year nor my cowboys . It's going to be a dog fight in our division to make the playoffs

  3. You gotta be able to pull up and throw at least 10% of the time. At the same time defenses gotta respect that you might drop back at any moment and toss it down field! Can’t just feed Zeke 24-7. We’ll mess around and get Zeke hurt doing that. Trying to run when it’s clearly not happening in the trenches. Then we’ll definitely be screwed. We need a qb. Straight up. Dak won’t get us there. It’s not all Dak’s fault! But he is part of the problem.

  4. I honestly disagree with just running the ball. We need to run more quick 5 yard 7 yard routes such as slants and drags. We got the speed to turn a 5 yard gain into 20

  5. Zeke always starts the season slow. He has done this his whole career, even in college. It takes 1-2 games for him to get his feet and vision underneath him. He will be back to form, just give him time. Once that happens this offense will be clicking on all cylinders.

  6. Here’s the logic of the Cowboys:
    You are letting the guy Dak benched, become his coach ?

  7. Need the name of that epic song lmao ?

  8. Lol your analogies make no fukn sense….your comparing ali to dak…give me a break

  9. But we know this QB…parcells does not need to wait until november to figure out dak is a fukn bum

  10. We wont win a superbowl relying on zeke.

  11. Any bum can just hand the ball off to the RB. Two years ago Dak was a future franchise QB and now he's just a petty functionary? Tony Romo could do that with a broken back.

  12. Law setup your whole offense is running??? Dallas has no offense..how does Dallas stop Odell,Sharp,Engram and Sayquan?? Dallas only has Zeke…one against four..Dallas is trash…they get one win and that's against the sorry ass lions..

  13. Here it is: Dallas has no passing game, other teams do not respect the passing game, other teams will put 8 and 9 on the line to stop the run.
    Game. Set. Match.


  15. Prescott will throw under 250 yards and at least 2 ints


  17. I say zeke should touch the ball 25 to 28 times a game

  18. Landon Collins DID NOT call out Dak Prescott. He only gave an analysis, the same analysis that most analysts have been giving over the last year. The same analysis that other defensive coordinators have been giving. And those that have followed this very simple formula, have beaten us. This is the same analysis that the Broncos' defensive coordinator gave last year. How many yards did Zeke have in that game??? Giving Zeke the ball, even when he's not getting any yards, is foolish.

  19. Cowboy's for life, but if Giants get started they can put up points

  20. Honestly I think Jason Garrett is a really cool guy kind of guy you can meet at a bar order some beer and wings and watch football all day. enjoy… But when it comes to the sidelines, I think he is over his head

  21. Dope vid Og , Sack Prescott gotta play better

  22. I wish Troy and Romo would help coach him up because whoever is in his ear the most isn’t giving him enough confidence to stand tall & take shots passing and hit wise (lol)

  23. Look…it's time for this squad to step up. Plain and simple. Special Teams, Offense and Defense….and the coaches. Law Nation….appreciate your work. I'm sure we don't agree on everything but one thing we agree on, is that this is our squad!

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