1. These laws are awful, I feel so bad for the people who live there, the laws are so messed up

  2. I wonder if your allowed to breathe in north korea

  3. If I where god I would not let the people who made those rules go to heaven

  4. OMFG WTF KOREA Kik Jungshithead Go To HELL

  5. Noth keria is a prison itself

  6. I feel sooo bad for the people

  7. WORST Country in the world

  8. But ppomo is in North Korea…

  9. what kind of rules is that

  10. what kind of rules is that

  11. I hate north korea not as i hate the people i hate how they treat people

  12. When you think you are above God, you are finished there only.

  13. There is a girl who had to see her moms friend executed. Her crime …. watching a Hollywood movie

  14. I wish North Korean Not here, and THESE LAWS SUCK AND AWFUL!!!!???????????

  15. Just think about Donald Trump he is 100000000000 percent better than ching chang wang


  17. Real life Panem. There is going to be an uprising. Mark my words.

  18. we need to stop this all people need to stop they are too wicked I hate them and I hope those law die or change their personality wish all those people could escape and if those law chase them down we need to set up a soldier and kill those idiots laws

  19. Whoever came up with these laws they need 3 things

    1. Some holy oil

    2. Jesus

    3. LOTS of holy water

  20. shh
    i live there
    if they find me am dead 1 thum up for 1 luck

  21. Omg ?after watch the vid, its so omg and scary?I hope they are not having a hard life?I felt sad for them????

  22. that is not right…?

  23. Communism
    And left at it's best
    A perfect utopia for Democrats
    One religion
    One government
    One channel
    One everything
    Send the Dems there
    Send the antifa there
    Send every liberal there

  24. All for one, One for all. BNHA anybody?

  25. 4:07 wait black propel in North Korea..do they even had permission by the government to stay there

  26. USA Liberals want this here, but it's a bad thing over there?

  27. Kim messed up his own country

  28. At 4:55 what's that do u smell that it's horse no, cow no ik it's BULLSHIT!!!!

  29. If only they had any desired natural resources we would have already handled this but seeing that we couldn't exploit much from them we just ignore there existence

  30. I wonder who is worse Kim or Hitler

  31. Wtf my hero academia all for one one for all is a law

  32. North Korea isn't a country at all. It's just a place with people imprisoned with laws

  33. If the Kim family has “Godlike” powers, then why do they have famine? Or why do they have enemies?

  34. North Korean peoples are born to be soldiers

  35. I’m so happy that I live here in Northern Ireland!

  36. no one greater than God

  37. North corea is a shit show

  38. I would kill myself if I lived their

  39. I love those laws ! Great country!

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