1. I totally agree with everything you said. I have never understood why Cowboy fans sat quietly back and said nothing.

  2. Law I couldn’t agree more the NFL is absolutely killing this league with these double standards. How is Winston getting three games when the minimum is 6! You have players getting 4 games for weed and PED’s. Shoot Brady got 4 for deflating a damn ball! But Winston gets three games for allegedly doing something that got the OWNER FOR CAROLINA FIRED AND FINED 2.75 million… the need to stop and hand these situations to a separate party so they can set the guidelines for suspensions and fines.

  3. I gotta be honest brother, and i know this is gonna sound like im a nut , but dont think we r gonna make it through another season of foitball. Pay close attention to your skies brother. Eclipses nearly every day. I love everyone and i feel like its my duty as an american to inform the uninformed what i see. We are closing n now . as lil wayne says n god bless Amerika. End of time is like an hour away. Its coded. 10 min =1 year. 2013-2018=6 years 1hr n intervals of 10 min- 6 i do have tangible proof that keeps gettn erased. Please tell viewers to just look up and open your eyes

  4. I say the cowboys go out and win the SB, and shove it up Goodell s, tail

  5. I am so glad finally came out and said it that there is a double standard who played for the Cowboys do something wrong you know the penalty is going to be severe Rodger Goodell he needs be suspended with no pay for whole season cuz clearly he has a biased against the Cowboys keep up the good work✌

  6. Hell, to add to the bias shown why was El Manning just let off the hook. Eli has been involved in selling bogus NFL memorabilia for years now. And he knew he was doing it. In fact 3 weeks ago he was scheduled to go to court and a jury was being selected. But wonder of wonders Eli paid off his accuser. Now if that doesn't scream guilty I have no idea what does? The fact that charges were brought against him, a court date was selected and a jury was involved is some serious crap. That my friends is Theft of the NFL Trademark logo and Fraud. That's jail time! Oh but wait a minute not if you are Eli Manning. Not if you are a NY Giant! How many of you were even aware of this? I'll bet ya dollars for donuts the media was told to keep quiet about this. And tell me why hasn't Goodell open up a full investigation? Why isn't Eli Manning suspended pending the findings of a full NFL investigation? As per the guidelines he set in regards to the way he railroaded Zeke Elliott I was certain guilty regardless of the proof otherwise was going to be SOP. I'll tell you why Eli's crimes were swept under the rug…..he's not a Dallas Cowboy! Goodell and Mara are good friends and nothing will ever come of this! Roger Goodell should be called out for this crap because it's biased nonsense. I will say this he's moves faster when it comes to suspending and investigating Cowboys players than Tavon Austin ran the 40! So many players in the NFL smoke weed and take PED's….Goodell and his minions just single out certain Teams and players….period!

  7. Preach it to them Law. Irving can practice during camp. He just can't be around the team during the suspension.

  8. You brothers have a responsibility with your voice and channel…Im glad you are keeping it real…Respect to you LAW NATION for speaking truth

  9. The worst thing that could happen to Goodell, is to hand that trophy to Jerry Jones. He is making sure that won’t happen… for now

  10. This is why Goodell must go!! He made it clear he made it personal with Cowboys. He loves the Patriots and covered up all the cheating they did. This why Jerry Jones wanted him gone!

  11. You are correct, if there is contact, it is assault. If there is no contact, then it is harassment (I think). Regardless, there is a definitely a bias against the Cowboys. And now Godddell has a gag order against Jerry Jones so he can't even comment. There is no justice.

  12. Dude Odell was on camera smoking green and his chick was snorting coke what about him or what about that patriots player that tried smuggling in pot into Costa rica that dude had ounces i haven't heard anything about that

  13. I know bro its total bullshyt its always our fault, we would get blamed for global warming if the nfl needed it to be so… Be fair or stfo ESPN/nfl

  14. Well said Law. Wish this vid aired on NFL Network or something because more ppl need to hear it. How the fuzz does Zeke get more games than anyone else with all the shadiness going on with his accuser and then you got the lead investigator on Zekes case telling Goodell they dont see nothing there to suspend Zeke. Well 6 games anyways smfh. This is some BS the way our team gets treated. A change needs to come.

  15. I agree with everything you said! So true!

  16. Why we asking them questions about taco? Dude is a first round pick. He shouldn't be a project player. Hopefully he steps up to live up to that draft spot now, not 3 more years then want a bunch of money… like D-Law

  17. I've touched on this several times, I've even messaged goodale on twitter. Agree with u 100%. In my opinion every since goodale took commish job the boys have been a target. I also believe that right after goodale took over the job he was part of a group who was pressuring the boys because of the deal Jerry Jones had with nike. Right off the bat goodale was facing a antitrust suit from Jerry Jones because of the deal with nike. In my opinion because Jerry won the suit , I don't think that sit too well with r. Goodale. Not only cause he won but because Jerry challenged goodale & NFL brass . And every since then goodale has tried to bank cowboy players. And it started with Michael irvin in the mid 90s. And although there were questions as to what really happened back then, it took troy aikman showing up at Irving s trial to show support for his brother. Now I know the boys back then we're far from squeekie clean. But I remember this like yest. Every time goodale spoke on that situation he was throwing michae l irvin under the bus talking mess b4 any verdict was givin. And every since that time period goodale has been laying, waiting for any little issue to pounce on. Same today as it was 20+ years ago & until he is pushed out of the commish job u can bank it. It will continue. Personally I'm waiting to see what he has to say on the Gregory sit. Because truthfully his suspension was for 1 year. His last game was week 15 n 2016. That means he should have been eligible for reinstatement after week 15 last dec. That's another thing. Not only n Zekes case but Gregory as well. I've noticed that when there's a final judgement to be handed down goodale alwAys drags his feet on the boys. Other teams including the pats on that Brady decision where I thought fixing games got u thrown out of the league. Not only did he not do that but was interviewed on c. Howard where he publicly admitted that the fix was on for super bowls n regards to the pats. Fact. On utube. This has been Tom Brady & the pats league for a decade or two because of NFL fixing games giving pats advantages at playoff time. Could point out a slew of instances but not gonna go into it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees this stuff going on. Very surprised the eagles were allowed to win the sb. Cause a year earlier the falcon super bowl was rigged. On Colin Howard goodale likend the NFL to wwe wrestling and said specifically that nobody's complaining there and likened the NFL to entertainment not competitive sports. Sickens me to the core what sports and America has become over the last couple decades.

  18. The BIGGEST thing to me was when she said "No one will believe you. I'm a WHITE woman and you're a BLACK man!" Racism REALLY pisses me off!

  19. Hey Law! That voice though….DC4L

  20. The NFL owners, along with Jerry Jones, gave Goodell "absolute power." And even when he screwed things up, punishments, lower TV ratings etc., they rewarded him with an even bigger and better contract. If ya'll are wondering why there is such hypocrisy in the NFL, because it comes down to cliques. This guy likes this guy who doesn't like this guy. It's all political and always will be, and Jerry deserves part of the blame for emboldening and empowering Goodell the first time around.

  21. They influence games with suspension and penalties now, Sad.

  22. As big as the dallas cowboys fan base is i don't see why we aint making no noise about the nfl cheating us from the refs. The suspensions. We should riot to be heard

  23. Not that I wish ill will on anybody, but if Reuben Foster doesn’t get at least a 6 game suspension….”what’s up with that” that Brotha got arrested & went to court. Zeke did NOT even get arrested, the broad that accused him, used racist shit, as Law said, for those that did not know. Kia Wright Roberts the NFL investigator said the girl that accused Zeke “ was a liar among other things” Mrs. Roberts was not even allowed to testify during Zeke’s trail last year. Mrs. Roberts has since resigned since that incident. As Forrest Gump would say “ that’s all I have to say about that” In closing didn’t Michael Bennett who now plays for filthy, beat up an old lady?? I’m done. ????✌️

  24. Salute, real dad. Love DAT bro. Frfr

  25. I been said Roger was a racist peace of shit and need to be removed from punish our players

  26. This year we will shock the world

  27. ESPN is in Goodells pocket,your 100% on point brother,the Woman's groups have said nothing,the Dallas morning star hadn't said much ,MLB Network,Jenkins brother was arrested ,you think Jenkins knew nothing,they NFL told him to stay in Miami total bullshit

  28. Goodell suspended Zeke 6 games, Winston 3 games! Jerry Jones $3 million , Irsay owner of Colts driving under influence!

  29. Goodell wants Jerry and our Cowboys to Fail,,It's a witch Hunt,just like I expect Goodell to screw Gregory too

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