1. Keep the Offensive Line fresh and make sure we have minimal injuries on Defense and we’re playoff bound

  2. If I wanted to hear that skank's opinion I would ask my cats arse. It would be equal in legitimacy and importance.

  3. To be successful we need to get rid of Dak and all u ex nfl players and so called experts can see that a shame

  4. Love your Cowboys news” D”America’s team?? thanks guys keep up your great work???

  5. They need to defense to be better than average for one.

  6. no u dont rely on one guy only. what happens if zeke goes down? oh well guys next year? Fuck no get the pass game going they have the weapons. That chick is dumb af

  7. Break it down nate that's what people don't understand teams can't keep stacking the box simple as that.

  8. Dak is scrubbalicious without Zeke.

  9. I keep saying the same thing over again it starts with the coaching staff Jason bleeping Garrett has to make this team mentally ready if we're not that we will struggle think about it

  10. Shrager and whatever the other dudes name got clowned by Deangelo wiliams. Nate is the only 1 with credibility on this awful show

  11. All they have to do is kneel during the anthem.

  12. Agree/Disagree. We can’t get cute and try to outsmart the opponent DC every play. We got to establish the run, that’s been our identity and it will be. Look up our receiving stats from ‘16, there isn’t much production to replace. Our defense is better, our line is better, Dak is better, we were a 13-3 team we shredded it. We’re every bit the contender we were, well be fine.

  13. You don't want a one dimensional offense…silly

  14. What do the Cowboys need? Nothing, they got Zeke for 16 games and they got rid of Dez (addition by subtraction)

  15. We can't just "feed the beast", a balanced attack is the key to success.

  16. Get rid of Jerry Jones and Garrett and Scott Linehan.

  17. I completely agree with the first guy said. Don't just, run the ball, throw it, to make balance.

  18. Kyle Brandt Yes, I'm calling out, Why don't you SHUT THE HELL OR HADES UP PLEASE about Tavon Austin…

  19. That chick needs to find a different career she knows nothing… I've got a pole!!

  20. Like a fuckin female knows football this dickhead asked her what she thinks? The fuck? Fuck what she thinks she is a girl, they don't fuckin kno

  21. Just spread the ball around like we did in 2016, IT WORKS!

  22. Run Zeke run!!!!!!!!

  23. The Dallas Cowboys need to stay healthy and stay out of trouble that’s what I can think of …

  24. switzer is not on this team.. research is wild if you do it

  25. Law, here they ago again with the bashing! It’s a little better but seems like a lot of pressure put on the shoulders of Dak, and WRs, she is smarter than the pro athlete lol! Zeke, needs to NOT be run to the ground! Use him wisely … like the last guy! Tavon is going to be a surprise by him and the off speed stuff, our RPO will actually be working better with a run first to set up that boot leg, or play action, or my favorite is the wheel route to the RB, or delay him a half tick to play block but release backside flats. It’s all predicated by how our OLine is doing… if they are mashing up front than they are prone to do whatever they Linehan wants to try! If no movement up front than we get predictable again, this is where our QB should be able to read and react ! DallasCowboys4Life

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