1. As a a Die-hard Cowboy fan…..(78) Fuck NO…..Need a BULKED UP D Line…..hitmen Corners….finesse and speed WON'T do it. Top 7 maybe….put a 300+ DT. Make that 2 of them….BOOM…

  2. Why you look like James harden fam?

  3. Defense looks good it’s jus the offensive play calling that concerns me

  4. If the offense can grind out time and points on a consistent basis, this could be a top5 defense. If Fredericks loss hurts the offense more than expected, and we have to win with defense… They are a top 15 defense and we go 7-9 again.

  5. doomsday defense is back. we don't need earl thomas. we got young fire….dangerous pass rush nasty linebackers…two greedy corners.

  6. They should never have let Barry Church go

  7. Not with those DBs! Yes they can make turnovers but against lesser teams. I don't see Cowboys doing anything in the playoffs. Falcons, Packers, Eagles, and Saints know how to go deep down field in the playoffs

  8. This defense has no dept at all except DE

  9. Man I like the hype but give three games against some strong teams

  10. Top 10 D young core still needs to grow together

  11. I agree Zeke is a BIG key but we must have Tavon,Cole,Gallop and even Rico make plays on a weekly basis. Law you gotta figure that at some point every game the opposing team D gonna load up the box trying to stop Z. We must be prepared. So design play action plays for those guys. And Dak my man don't be afraid to take off running. GO CBOYS

  12. But you've got to throw the ball down field it's on Prescott to come through

  13. lol Did he just drop Samuel L. Jackson's line from Pulp Fiction?? The biblical line he says every time before he murders someone lol

  14. Jaylon smith reminds me of Patrick wills the linebacker from the 49ers for some reason idk why

  15. Smoking a joint to this is great!

  16. i'm hoping this defense transcends to a new wave of action, Marinelli move over and let Kris Richard take da bull by the horns ! (:

  17. what will it take to make this defense a "true" top 5 defense. One that doesn't depend on the offense and zeke to set the tone? Can more than carry it's own weight? not depending on playing with a lead or downhill ? Can the D" more than hold it's own when the offense is somehow bogged down ? Can it be Seahawks Legion of Boom 2.0 ? …. or 2002 Tampa Bucs level ?

  18. ..and do u know what happened to the 2014 and 2016 teams with the defense and run game ? we still could not pass rush Aaron Rodgers.. thus the GB packers knocked us out of playoffs becuz of that – So who will be da playmakers and coaches in 2018 , that takes this defense to a higher level than 2014/2016 ?

  19. When you get earl thomas yes…till then lmao hell nah to the nah nah nah

  20. Is there any jaylon merch

  21. Agreed!!!!!
    Defense is aggressive but don’t sleep on Prescott ….. his (ball in hand time) is 3/4 sec.
    Go back and watch the Gallup TD… 3 sec, 2nd read, great pass n catch! I think some one has gotten to Dak about it…. or maybe wishful thinking? Idk… but let’s look at Prescott reads… even his scramble, was a quick read… I like what I’m seeing from the players and staff.
    Time management is lacking
    Challenging obvious call?
    Bias against Rico
    Short yards Cowboys will go with
    EZ Money!!!!
    96’ style…. we don’t care if you know we’re going left tackle goal line!!! Try n stop it!!!
    Bills couldn’t!!!!
    Bruce smith couldn’t !!!!!

    No my friends, let’s line up a Punch them in the mouth!!!

  22. LAW! My brother! You are exactly right. Jaylon looks like an animal. Randy Gregory looks like a formula 1 racer. Tank Lawrence looks like he's playing against pop warner kids. I am excited to finally have a defense for the first time since '09.

  23. Damm Law u giving all our se-crets.. Cowboys nation..time till whip Azz…

  24. 54' going to be a Beast's great re-cover. Jaylin do your thang Mann..

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