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  2. Jerry Jones needs to get us a real backup qb Mike White ain't ready but I think he is a gonna be good in this nfl got a good arm not ready Cooper rush hasnt did nothing and when Dak goes down Dallas is done I hope not , need another safety too what's Jerry's damn deal just pay Earl Thomas the fucken money man we need him light at safety's need him ain't got time play around Jerry what's wrong u quit being so damn greedy you want to win maybe your money more important than a trip to the big one Super bowl, damn!

  3. Show tha game thats what we want to watch

  4. Damn! Love all these comments! #GOCOWBOYS!

  5. Jaylon Smith even at 80% is better then 100% of most linebackers.

  6. If Rico Gathers does not make this team then the coaching staff has failed. Too much raw talent, if they can't coach him into a player then it is the coaches fault not Rico's.

  7. Build a Defensive Line, make it a priority. Stop with the one to 2 great players and the rest average. Stop signing practice players, developmental players, picked up discarded players other teams have dropped or do not want. Now Irving has admitted he was cheating. Brett Farve led the NFL for 7 weeks with the highest passer rating in league history. Then he checked himself into treatment for Vicodin. Irving's inconsistency and inability to handle the top lines in the league. Go hand in hand with his undependability. D. Law and M. Collins are all we have who are proven starters and above average players. Ealy has never been that good but backed up in Carolina and made plays late but was always inconsistent. Ward has never started anywhere. We build an Offensive Line like we should. We build a D from the roof down. All 8 appearances my Cowboys have I have witnessed. And all 8 times we had dominant DLines, even across the front with more than capable backups. If you check almost all the SB winners, all had great DLines. An average DLine makes a great secondary look bad. A great DLine makes an average secondary look good. 21 years later, JJ & Sons still use the same formula. As Coach Marinelli says, "bend and don't break".

  8. Wentz will be working at the city dump next year

  9. What is the name of the Facebook group that show all the games

  10. I want to see more of what TWill is doing for us this season since he is worth that contract they say

  11. Byron getting a pick or Frazier nailing some mofo would be ideal

  12. Rico(the turtle) gathers gonna make the team. Although hes slow like a turtle his big shell bodies people off.

  13. I wanna see a Randy Gregory sack and a gallup/dak connection and ill be litty.

  14. If gathers doesn't make it it's because he isnt learning they play book good enough.

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