1. Thanks For watching!!! Dak Prescott on taking the Cowboys on his back and why he's so optimistic about the current roster….Salute!!!

  2. I really like Dak. He is on his way to being really good. But I don't know if he is ready to to it all on his back. Coaching is going to be key.

  3. Law Nation is #1 and E2Blu and Mark Holmes are tied #2

  4. Martymarr from Chicago. Cowboys NATION. Salute my brother.

  5. Dak you my guy!!!
    From Austin Texas

  6. Law When u play your ? let's see how it works with the boyz putting it down… Lov your sho.bro..God has something for u…Your good.

  7. We could have a pro bowler on every position and we will still lose because Scott linehan and Garrett sucks

  8. The offensive coordinator has to play a major role in the offense how well will he utilize those weapons

  9. Can't wit until Dak Shut up the haters & Our Own Fans that Hates on em

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