1. Man I am tru blue but have woo in my blood , anyway Jason Garrett need to be fired to nice he don't yell or anything to his players or staff when they f in up

  2. We don't need these guys,we need Dez! I'm tired of the b.s

  3. ONE of these days you guys will listen to me. You know, I listen to guys experienced and older, ones who know, have a sense. But heck no, nooo, everybody knows it all. This Cowboy team, my 51st Cowboy beam is all Flash in the pan, pretty to look at, shiny like gold. But everything that glitters is not gold. I have hinted, been straight forward. I read comments and its still the same stuff every week and game. Let me tell you, this YOUTUBE Comment section can make a difference if we get loud enough. Together with Mark Holmes and his site, JJ & Sons and the front office would listen. But TOGETHER as one.
    And everybody thinks they know the answer. 90% think its just, sign this player or that. It doesn't work like that. First priority, the Cap game, financial part every year. Then its GET RID of Linehan and send Marinelli to development, Richard to DC. That is a start. But this game ticked me off. Linehan is pathetic, our offense in comparison to every other team I have watched is limited in design and predictable not including the play calling. And…. how many times did Dak check off and send Zeke running into the strength of the Seahawk D ? The D is carrying us and the DLine has been as tough as we have had for 21 plus years. Because we have more than one DT and some depth upfront. I'm mad, frustrated and tired of all the BS.
    AND E. Thomas is NOT THE ANSWER !!!! Unless he takes a 10 million dollar cut !!! Only true IDIOTS would say yes. We've been in Cap hell for years so just jump in again and sign Thomas, stupid ! Troy Aikman said it yesterday, that is not the problem. He needs to be the GM of our ball club

  4. Bro at 2:05 I laughed so hard 😂 "BOOM, that's yo mama. BOOM, that's yo daddy."

  5. Can't pay attention to the mainstream sports media. They lie to many times. On the other hand; if Dak can get the ball out his hands quickly like last week he'll be alright. The media only pointed out that he threw under 200 yards, but they overlooked the two plays that got called back. They think he's gonna have the same game against Seattle. I have a feeling Dak will throw around 200 yards against Seattle. He haves average around 200 yards passing. The run game will click early & of course they'll try and shut down Zeke. I got Dallas 28 to 17.

  6. also on that play Dak should have stayed with the hot hand and delivered it to Tavon again

  7. it wasn't that Gallup didn't bring it in, it was we're Dak threw it!! he should have led Gallup, maybe throw it a little more inside!!!!

  8. Law what is that track at the end? It's 🔥🔥🔥

  9. You can say Dak wanted to get Gallup involved to keep the defense honest…but he should have hit Tavon a second time on that deep route. He needs to go through his progressions quicker and the field will open up. He gets tunnel vision..and then often telegraphs his passes.

  10. That's your mother that's your father that's your generational family LOL😂😂😂👍💙💙

  11. LawNation #1 ☝🔥💯✔

  12. Jack rabbit thought he was still defending dez and got juked out his shoes. Also as far as the reverse play goes that should teach Landon to keep his mouth shut. He got blasted

  13. Put speed on the outside in the base offense with Butler, Austin, and Thompson
    They attack single high safety looks teams use to load the box against Zeke

    When it's time to move the chains, put in possession WRs likes Hurns and Gallup

    Always have Beasley in

  14. Good video. Gallup will get better and fast the more they get him involved

  15. Dak has to look at tavon more

  16. Boom that’s ya momma lol Boom that’s ya daddy…😆😆😆😆 gotta add that to ur drops…one way or another.😎🔥🔥🔥

  17. Austin has that speed that I like in the WR spot, they get separation and burn the defenders. Can't wait to see more targets for him

  18. Damn dak is not seeing some of these easy walk in touch downs

  19. @2.07 has me crying rn lmfao

  20. That Gallup is gonna be just fine
    With Tavon's speed coupled with that of Brice & Deonte
    Not to mention the fleet feet of Beasley the pressure won't be on Gallup all that much
    Then, I know Tavon's jukin & jivin to shake his man,
    Michael Gallup's neck & neck with him speed wise

    Look over the 1st 2 plays of the ball going to Tavon 1st then to Gallup
    They're both at the same depth simultaneously
    It's just Tavon's shook his man were Gallup's separation isn't as much but they're at the same depth

    I haven't mentioned the return of Noah Brown off IR
    I think we're gonna be just fine Law
    2-3 more games to gel & develope chemistry between Prescott & his receivers
    (TE's included)
    Is about all that's needed
    Thx bro


  21. I feel like this is the team from back in the day. Tavon is rocket Ismail.

  22. Yall know when akoye and Law do these film break down they really show u that scott linehan is actually calling good plays for these receivers to get open its juat dak isnt seeing them or just isnt connecting. Not linehan fault for that and i dont even like linehan that just a real statment

  23. Austin was open the second time for a TD. Poor decision by Dak and and all the other wide open Austin routes that Dak missed.

  24. "Thats your generation of family" 😂😂

  25. Scott Linehan sucks.

  26. Nice!! Cowboys24 17SeaHawks

  27. Dude took a rookie angle on Tavon.

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