1. So you talking about DJ Moore lol we will see you in week one Panther Nation stand up even Cowgirl fans wish they drafted DJ hahah

  2. Now I see why steve smith said on draft night we have never been able to replace him until now when we got dj Moore (the best WR in the draft and in the big ten)

  3. Moore only runs two routes well; slant and crossing. Sometimes he ran a comeback, but usually didn't separate. And that was it for his route tree.

    So saying he's anything like SSS is an insult to Steve. SSS had legitimate route-craft coming out of college, and separated at will with vertical routes on the boundary, which Moore doesn't.

    Moore's only 21 and very athletic so he could develop into something more than he is now, but at the moment he doesn't deserve to hold SSS's jockstrap.

    As for running like Lynch… Moore's very good after the catch but he broke 20 tackles all season last year. Lynch broke 20 tackles every three weeks.

  4. What you think about him going to the Panthers?!

  5. As a Falcons fan, I'm glad he's only 5'11. Newton has trouble with shorter receivers.

  6. He was the first WR picked and for good fuckin reason. This kid is special just as you said, even Smith Sr gave him his blessing. Cam , Moore, Funchess, Samuel, and Torrey Smith with a spice of Jarius Wright? The panthers are in the best division in the league and they may just take that conference in 18.

  7. And runs like KAMARA on the saints panthers going beast mode im ready to c him an kamara go head to head

  8. we have a STEVE SMITH 2 point OMG!!!!!. AND to throw MARSHAWN'S name in the mix, D.J. MOORE will smoke the DBs like cheap cigars

  9. Welcome to Carolina !

  10. Welcome to the Carolinas!!!! PANTHERS FANS STAND UP!!!

  11. Carolina baby 7️⃣0️⃣4️⃣

  12. 1st ROUND 24TH PICK SHOCKER!!!! Boy is special

  13. Carolina offense aint been shit since steve smith left this a good playmaker fkr carolina

  14. Welcome to Carolina young man! I hope to see what Smith brought to the Panthers for years.

  15. If Dallas goes WR it had better be DJ Moore if he's on the board.

  16. He is the number 1 wr based on every metric and draft league by far. Like a supped up Diggs a true 6’ 210 and he will be the Michael Thomas of this years draft.

  17. If DJ moore.and Calvin Ridley played at schools like OKST/OK/A&M they would be top 10 locks.

  18. I want a defensive player or an OLineman in the 1st round and HOPEFULLY this guy in the 2nd round.

  19. He 1st to 2nd round projected now

  20. He coming to Carolina

  21. He's number 1 on my board now Law. I am enamored by the potential for this kid to be one of the most productive receivers in the league. He's 6'0" 220 btw lol…

  22. Dude looks like a hybrid WR/RB.

  23. If the Cowboys draft an OLman or a defensive player in the first round I hope the Cowboys draft this kid in the 2nd round. A hairline smaller than Calvin Ridley but looks like he's 2Xs as strong.

  24. His draft stock went up so much… a while ago he was in our reach. Now, he might be gone in the first round. Please Ozzie, work your magic draft wizard.

  25. wow… that is what i noticed on his speed as well. EFFORTLESSLY runs 4.4s … then i found his video… O M G that is a smooth athlete. Got to get him on the boys. AMAZING talent!

  26. He was one of the 30 guys who visited Dallas.

  27. Dj Moore actually measured 6'0 at the combine.That alone will get him to the 1st round

  28. Law you like this guy more then Kirk?….

  29. Oh. I did not see this video fam. D.J. Moore is my favorite WR in the draft. If we get him Imma do flips. He is a perfect replacement to Terrence Williams.

  30. Mike Mayock just put him #2 on his WR list.

  31. Hopefully future Carolina Panther

  32. Love the video he is amazing…also watch his counter part Jc Jackson at cb…. ?

  33. Dallas need to draft DJ moore

  34. Curious to know what's your feeling on Anthony Miller?!

  35. you aren't kidding, this guys nice, he's definitely been drinking his milk! lol ☆☆☆x-files☆☆☆

  36. Do Anthony Miller from Memphis. Another undersized receiver in this draft that I'm very excited about.

  37. This guy is going to have a juju Smith shooster rookie career

    As a Maryland kid i hope he can be a Raven

  38. He is perfect for Dak

  39. I'd rather have c.kirk over him

  40. This kids is quick with hands and can ball.
    We need him in Cowboy land.
    Somebody get Stephen Jones & Will McClay on the line


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