1. Tarik Cohen of 2018. Get this guy to back Zeke up.

  2. WOW! COLTS got a very good RB outta this man!

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  4. Was amazing to see him play in highschool

  5. He went to my highschool garner pride

  6. A huge nc state fan #proud and im going to garner high in August

  7. What would we use him for tho

  8. The rest of his drills were okay but not great. 9th best vert, 15th best broad jump, 13th best 3 cone, 15th best 20 yrs shuttle. I wonder what his 10yrd split was on the 40? Track guys who run great 40s but don't do as well in explosive drills or change of directing drills kind of scare me, how much of it is just refined track technique that doesn't translate to the NFL? He's projected 3rd or 4tb rd pick. Barkley is killing it, jeez, at 230 lbs he ran 4.4 (hines is 198 lbs), his 10 yrd split was faster than desean Jackson and he threw up 1 more bench press rep than Joe Thomas… certified freak.

  9. Dallas spoke with this kid several times before the combine. We got to get him behind zeke and our line. People dont understand how dangerous our running game would be and also our playaction.💯💯

  10. Mother of God!! Forget the 40 time, what the heck is his top end speed?!?! 😯

  11. NC State running back Nyheim Hines runs 4.39 40-yard dash at NFL Combine

    Breaking news: Nyheim Hines is fast. I know, I know, we’re all surprised. Hines is in Indianapolis this weekend for the NFL Draft Combine, and he is off to an excellent start after posting a blazing 4.39 in the 40-yard dash on Friday afternoon. That’s a good way to improve your draft stock in a hurry

    This is where Hines’ track experience pays dividends as well—you see guys every year struggle with technique because they’re just not used to drills like this one, but Hines looks really smooth. He probably made himself some money with that run.

    Hines has already met with several teams—the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots among them—and should be a relatively early draft pick. He’s not a first rounder, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go in the second or third.

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