1. That’s why I love preseason too, guys like Law, Voch, James & me of course the Italian/Cowboy will DVR each preseason game, watch each game 4-5 Times, & check out these kids. I know Law will show film on kids that really stand out. Only bout 40 days away till the preseason Cowboy die-hards. Remember the wins don’t matter, Cleveland went 4-0 in preseason last year. So if we go 1-3, just chill. ????✌️

  2. Long, and still growing. Cam Chancellor traits…

  3. …………..Its gonna be a year in which everything will fall in place like it did for Philly the silly city, gotta have pity…………….

  4. Hey Law GREAT!! That’s just what we want 2 see from these “ no names”!!
    But could u do a film session on the supplemental draft prospects? Can’t believe there is no interest there from the Boys!

  5. I like him,and we definitely need speed,height and a physical man at safety

  6. Gotta have this kid, I see Bobby Taylor the Michael Irvin stopper

  7. We're gonna need some improvements on open field tackling if we're gonna be going up against saquon Barkley twice a year. DC4L

  8. I can see him making the practice squad or back up safety

  9. I love him. I think he should have been drafted. Amazing upside.

  10. I'm from Oregon hopefully he makes the team.

  11. let's not forget duke thomas

  12. backfield is loaded… hope they can find a spot for him

  13. Smh dallas will never play him but hopefully they do

  14. looks like scott clarke is promoting the berisheet passover prophecy now 2023-2030!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
    maybe, the numerology yoda jedi masters in the like of daniel matson should take a look and double check the numbers – hence reverse engineering from 2023-2030?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Big money on this one. We needed a guy like this because it’s likely that we won’t see earl thomas so we can switch some things up back there

  16. Great name, good luck Tyree!

  17. Tyree Robinson with:

    ⏩Byron Jones,

    ⏩Jeff Heath, possibly

    ⏩Kavon Frazier,

    ⏩Xavier Woods,

    ⏩Anthony Brown,

    ⏩Jourdan Lewis and

    ⏩Kyle Quierro,

    It doesn't get any better than that, Robinson can LAY THE LUMBER if y'all know what I'm saying.

  18. Shaquem and Shaquille Griffin, Tyrell, and Tyree Robinson, Peyton and Eli Manning so on and so forth…

  19. Tyree Robinson reminds me of Patrick Chung (New Englands Patriots Safety) and even Dion Jordan (Former Oregon Duck & Miami Dolphins Defensive End) in the way he plays expending a lot of energy out there, willing to put his whole body out there, make TACKLES, and whatnot.

  20. I liked him from the moment I found out after the draft but Law you need to do one on these dudes for the supplemental draft Beal ran a 4.4 and the other SF from Miss St rand like a 4.37 or sumthin?? not to mention Adonis V tech

  21. Law Nation come down please, about the Winston suspension. 3 games are important 2 playoffs & Lombardi Trophy ?. Goddell on stage Zeke is MVP, Jerry Jones received Lombardi Trophy ?. We Build teams for Dynasties Salute

  22. Law Nation 3 things Will McClay got Robinson, Kelly & Kyle Q. Best free agent signee Chris Richard coach them! Talent level much improved! Salute

  23. I like him too Law he has a good set of skills just need to polish that edge..

  24. Said "show us the liquor store", I like that analogy lol

  25. He is guna make the team and help our defense

  26. He will be a great special teams gut but don't se him on the field at safety no time soon

  27. He's 6'2.5 not 6'3, 6'4 – its he or Kelly as the 4th safety

  28. Dallas in the last 11 years is on their way back. They've won 4 division titles and have the best record in the Nfc east. 101 – 75 .573 They have drafted much better and Robinson has the size and skills to develop into an undrafted find. I also like Quiero as well.

  29. Tyree has great instincts…u can't teach that. He's not the fastest guy but his understanding of the game compensate for him not having blazing speed. He plays fast and with confidence….great pick!!!! Not to mention, he's going to be coached by one of the best secondary  coaches in the NFL!!!!

  30. I’m ready to see the Boys.

  31. Goodmotning what's going on in the world of football toady

  32. He definitely have the goods…hopefully he makes the team.

  33. I love the channel but you must work on the way you speak brother… I can barely understand you sometimes I'm just say #lawnation

  34. I like this guy but I love Kyle Queriro as an Undrafted guy to make this team.

  35. I like this kid. Him and Kam Kelly should battle for the backup fs spot?

  36. Your channel is underrated

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