1. Johnson's the only person that's ever done that anyways. they all could do it but I'm picking my boy Zeke

  2. Zeke because the Cowboys receivers are trash right now

  3. Nah zeke wont get that much touches this season, we get tavon austin, rod smith, and bo Jackson

  4. If zeke plays all 16 games each season, I think he’ll get 1k yards rushing every season

  5. Zeke 2018 season stats:
    2,367 Rush yards
    769 Rec yards
    17 rush TD
    6 Rec TD

  6. For Zeke to achieve any of that we need a new offensive coordinator

  7. No RB is coming close to 1000 yards receiving other than maybe Kamara or DJ.

  8. Zeke betwixt 2016 and 2017, had:
    ⏩Rushing Yards

    ▶2016: 1,631 Rushing Yards

    ▶2017: 983 Rushing Yards

    ⏩Total Rushing Yards: 2,614

    ⏩Receiving Yards

    ▶2016: 363 Receiving Yards

    ▶2017: 269 Receiving Yards

    ⏩Total Yards: 632 Receiving Yards

  9. They will not use zeke for passing as much especially if they use Tavon Austin right and that's better for us he has more speed but that give zeke time to rest and won't burn out

  10. Why didn’t anybody choose David Johnson? I think he has the best chance out of anyone.

  11. That’s a lot of touches though…….makes me nervous

  12. Zeke can easily get 1k rushing and 1K receiving yards, the problem is our dumb ass coaches and scheme doesn't call for alot of passes to the running back, Zeke can really do damage in the passing game but since we have Garrett and Linehan you can forget about them being creative and getting Zeke the ball besides running the ball

  13. I've seen the rankings of the RBs, and for the record…. Todd Gurley is NOT better than Ezekiel Elliott.

    1.Lev' eon Bell
    2. David Johnson
    3. Ezekiel Elliot
    4. Todd Gurley

  14. They sleeping on David Johnson

  15. Zeke will be more involved in the passing game with the departure of Dez and Witten, that's a no brainier. I can see him easily catching 80+ passes provided he remains healthy. Zeke should rush for a total of 2000 combined yards easily, possibly more behind our revamped O-line. If we are asking who will have the most yards in receiving, then I would give it to Kamara since it's his strength and he catches lots of short passes from Brees. But Zeke is going to make the biggest impact the year and most likely be Offensive MVP.

  16. I love Elliott and Gurley is really good, but I don't think either will approach 1000 receiving yards. Neither are those types of backs and neither of their offenses utilize their RB in the receiving game like that either.

  17. Darren McFadden……

  18. They made him a power back. That beard isn’t that big. That boy gained weight. His first year. It was slim. Plant leg go one way jump. Spin. The works. But now that boy is just a bowling ball with hands

  19. I dont understand why people think Zeke is only a power runner. Going up against my Alabama in college 4 years ago, he showed great pass catching skills and looks more like a scat back (if he was asked to)

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