1. Cowboys Fan 1984 gets some love.

  2. If you have over 20.000 subscribers. Can you imagine how many total views your channel had?

  3. Everyone is doing a great job and thank you Guy's

  4. ESPN just ran a report that almost derailed my basketball team (Arizona) as we're going in to March Madness because they wanted to entrap Sean Miller. There's no way in Hell I'll pay money to watch ESPN. That's why I like watching this channel because it's real sports talk. And pretty much every major sports show just has it out for The Cowboys.

  5. Mark you’re really one stupid dude

  6. I totally agree Mark! Good work!


  8. You forgot me it's alright though I'm still on a come up with my channel.

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Espn is done out here

  11. And the only thing they can say is how bout them cowboys

  12. I actually would pay for ESPN because they broadcast GAMES Mark. Basketball, football, hockey, lacross, and many more. Not just "Joe Fans" sitting around giving their opinions while putting more of an effort to drawing a little Google check for side pay. I see that more often than anything. Youtubers that make 5 of the same video's to get views insted of making quality videos to start with that will get alot of views by themselves. Half of these Youtubers go to classes to learn how to make a bigger check rather than go to say a ESPN analyst and interview them for pointers. Insted they make fun of them and call them liars? Yeah, the same ones who get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for their opinions….those guys!

  13. espn has more then 1000 viewers Einstein!!

  14. here's some news espn said dallas was gonna make offense dak friendly well here's how it said they hear it to QBs strengh so let's run wildcat since his only strength is running….what do ya think?!!!!!

  15. Heeeeellll no I wouldn't pay for ESPN. What for? To see Stephen loud Mouth Smith get saltier against the Cowboys everytime his hairline receeds on live tv? Pass

  16. Salute to the conglomerate

  17. Ocho live is a cowboy youtuber too. I wish u would have shouted him out. He git some great content.

  18. Mark you need some Paul Masson Red or Peach🥃Jobu needs a refill✊. Go Boys🏈

  19. Nope. I have YouTube Red and can't even imagine buying ESPN. There worst than the worst anime – basically all filler.

  20. Mark…YOU are better than ESPN and NFL Network combined!!! I check your channel more than I'd like to admit!! Because your a Cowboys fan!! But you are informative… intelligent..and no I wouldn't pay for ESPN. BTW…you gotta deal with Michael Bennett twice a year now!!! Whooooooo!!!!!

  21. Congratulations everyone but still, I won't watch ESPN at all anymore!!!

  22. I won’t pay for ESPN, I’ll get the same news on a vloggers channel just about 2 hours later… why pay? Just dumb

  23. Shango has been MIA… what’s up???

  24. All the Cowboys youtuber's congrats!

  25. i say you are my favorite person to get my cowboy updates from mark holmes you are the man

  26. YouTube is the new cable

  27. Yaaasssss!!! Love your channel mark! 💯💯💯

  28. ESPN is too far gone into the dumps. We YouTubers have to pick up the slack! Like if you agree!

  29. Mark Holmes you forgot to say Cowboy X Factor. But it is ok that is so many people to name right now.

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