1. What's Up Law Nation.I'm sick and tired of the commentary people dogging Ezekiel Elliott.The NFL really did him wrong.Other NFL Players was guilty of the things they did, but they didn't get the punishment that Zeke got.The signing autograph things was a bunch of crap.It really pissed me off.Love ya Law Nation 😎😘

  2. The single knock on Irving was BALL SECURITY. Cowboys tried to change how Murray held onto the ball….but Murray was stubborn.

  3. Here are some of the Running Backs that were with the Dallas Cowboys:

    1⃣Emmitt Smith

    2⃣Tony Dorsett

    3⃣Julius Jones

    4⃣Marion Barber

    5⃣Tashard Choice

    6⃣Felix Jones

    7⃣Phillip Tanner

    8⃣DeMarco Murray

    9⃣Tyler Klutts

    🔟Deon Anderson

  4. Malcolm Jenkins WON the Super Bowl Last season with The Philadelphia Eagles Last Season and James Laurinaitis is still on The Los Angeles Rams unless they RELEASED him already.

  5. Well, BigGameJames,

    1⃣Troy Smith

    2⃣Maurice Clarrett

    3⃣Quinn Pitcock

    4⃣Chris "BEANIE" Wells

    5⃣Brandon Saine

    6⃣Etienne Sabino

    7⃣Antonio Pittman

    8⃣James Laurinaitis

    9⃣Anthony Gonzalez and others you don't hear from A LOT OR They're NO LONGER in the NFL.

  6. Well, To me it is AS CLEAR AS DAY that there are TOUGH decisions to make Heading into the Preseason.

  7. Well, It is good to have TOUGH DECISIONS to make On Offense specifically The Wide Receiver position and on Defense Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, Cornerback and Safety, Why? Well, when you have a lot of talented players it makes it REALLY TOUGH on these coaches to make a CLEAR and WISE decision on who is going to make the 53-Man Roster.

  8. U guys straight disrespect Byron Jump Man Jones he is the best corner we have to cover these big tight ends super athletic

  9. YO Good Fellas, catching this show on the ricochet, if I may put my 2 cents in, Lance Lanoir has been practicing all winter, he is also a big Will McClay guy, I say Lance beats out Cedric Wilson…I could be wrong, but when we go back……Italian/Cowboy will have it on record……or I’ll look like a jerk. 😎🤙🤙🤙🇮🇹✌️

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