1. I hope Dallas doesn't break the bank on Martin because they need it for 4 and 21 for starters. Martin was crap last year to be kind about it.

  2. Now that "uncalled for drama" is gone, so glad to see how Zeke's more focused and looking forward to unleashing the Beast!

  3. Jeremiah 33:3, IT IS WRITTEN, "CALL Thee, I will ANSWER Thee and shew thee GREAT and MIGHTY Things; which thou knowest NOT"

  4. Maybe Almighty God wanted and made Zeke to go through this incident with his Girlfriend at THE Ohio State University and by SUSPENDED by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell when it is the NCAA's responsibility because if he didn't go through this then it would seem like he is PERFECT OR FLAWLESS he doesn't have any mistakes to make and RECTIFY, and his identity is intact and he doesn't have to REFINE it at all.

  5. That's Wassup! Ole boy putting on his big pants, that's what we need from him.

  6. This is really great. Their is a huge void in the locker room with Witten now retired. Young bucs like Zeke absolutely have to be step up and provide leadership. Defense still has Lee and Crawford, offense gotta be Dak, Zeke, Tyron, and Travis! Witten was outspoken in the locker room and practice field and kept everyone in check and on point. They will be fine and keep each other accountable to one another if it's stars lead by example.

  7. My mans got the Easy E haircut

  8. The Key to the Cowboys Success

  9. That’s what I look to see 21!!! Keep it Bro we gonna need you 🔥🔥🔥

  10. I liked his hairstyle from his rookie season more than what he has now.

  11. I like this. Screw the media though.. in order to be a leader, especially a vocal leader, you have to set the example both in and out the spotlight. Set the standard, be the ruler by which all are measured. I'd like to see Emmitt mentoring this young man. Nothing major, but you know.

  12. Zeke rocking the J- curl

  13. That’s right step up young bull. It’s a young team that needs new leadership.

  14. Zeke, Dak, and Lee should LEAD collectively

  15. Zeke is going to be a beast! Number 1 leading rusher #FeedZeke

  16. We are indeed gonna need more leaders in the locker room

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