1. The sheegles were getting booed at the end of the first half.

  2. whats the name of the beat when you paused around 35:07

  3. Falcons failed to utilize Calvin Ridley smh

  4. after watching this mess of a game totally screwed up by the refs and nfl's "new rules ",football is fked! how don't they allow challenges after 2 minutes to go in a half? considering that there was a catch called for philly,yet the receiver was in mid-air and clearly out of bounds! yet they called Julio Jones 52 yard catch bad when he was clearly in!or the last philly 2 point conversion pop out before he crossed the end zone, yet we saw in another game,can't remember if it was pre season or last year where a receiver caught the ball in the end zone, rolled over twice but clearly controlled it and had a reception and td,yet the ball popped out the back of the end zone and the refs disallowed it!yup Lawman, that bs qb call you just mentioned, yet they didn't call it for Ryan after he was hit late! there's a few other bs calls that imo went against Atlanta too,yet it looked like the refs should've been in philly jerseys instead! some games are just pathetic the way these crooked refs obviously call and fix things against whoever they have in their agenda to screw over! after seeing a ref head over to Rodgers during pre game warm ups and pat him on his ass in our cowboys '17 playoff game where they totally fked us with that bs call against Butler, then 2 weeks later in January apologize saying they were wrong and retracted the ruling. did it get us back into the playoffs? nope,just stuck it in with not even a little spit on it and just twisted it around! catch no catch, it's alotta bs for sure!especially when it lost us a super bowl bid in '16 that we probably would've won had those corrupt refs not followed goodellfellas orders to fk us over! sleep tight America, it's all just a game. thanks again Lawman. smh in R.I. ☆☆☆

  5. All I got out of this is that Matt Ryan is awful. I guarantee If Ryan puts the ball in the right place on that deep ball and red zone play those are two tds and the eagles lose. I just didn’t see anything spectacular from them . Julio was abusing the eagles all night

  6. Julio Jones got 169 receiving yards against the eagles. You can tell that the eagles passing defense sucks. I'm glad the cowboys don't have a #1 WR so Dak Prescott can spread the ball around when he play against the eagles. #Food4Thought 🤔

  7. The Dallas Cowboys are going to the Superbowl I have a crystal ball I can see it when they play the Philadelphia Eagles they will have 10 sacks in that game Dak Prescott will throw for 800 yards and the Dallas Cowboy fan base will go crazy. And I am laying in bed between Halle Berry and Megan Fox LOL! Don't go chasing waterfalls stick to the rivers and the streams that you're used to don't worry Jason Garrett Won't Let You Down LOL peace

  8. Ppl seem to forget that we beat philly last year for one of their 3 losses

  9. Matt Ryan will be fine and the Falcons will come back. There's something that is fundamental that happened tonight. The Eagles defense has a way of making him look that bad. That's what you got to see! The Eagles will show you ghost! Just think for a minute if he can make Matt Ryan and that offense look that bad. Well you can figure out the rest!!

  10. Eagles without multiple key pieces, and a lack of cohesion between those that played, still beat a very good intact falcons team with our backup qb. Yes, it was sloppy and we tried to give it away ..but we still won. Still people will talk shit. all im gonna say is good luck.

  11. If Philly is going to have any chance by having a record it's going to rely on their defense because they are offense looking suspect


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