1. I knew you wasnt gone spit no ryhmes lol.

  2. Will Cain hasn't been taking it from anyone these days

  3. Fuck yeah what zero chance bitches

  4. Look at my comment law!!! Much love

  5. What up Law? Them boys lookin good halfway thru huh?!

  6. Law, New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys played against one another in 2009, 2012, 2013, and 2014

  7. Saints 28, Cowboys 31

  8. Law, You mean Will Cain

  9. If Dez Bryant was playing, He would have had a lot of MOTIVATION to beat Dallas Cowboys

  10. Green Bay Packers Defense is DEPLETED without Nick Perry even Muhammad Wilkerson one of the BEST Defensive Lineman during his tenure with NY Jets and other defenders on Injured Reserve.

  11. Law, You mean

    ▶Davante Adams

    ▶Equanimeous St. Brown

    ▶Marquez Valdes-Scantling

    ▶Randall Cobb

    ▶Jimmy Graham

    ▶Aaron Jones

    ▶Jamaal Williams and others aren't receivers for Aaron Rodgers to throw to albeit Randall Cobb is out with an injury?

  12. Let Stephen A. Smith say that to a 28-Year Old Young Man like me and ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE‼

  13. Law, Stephen A. Smith worked for The Philadelphia Inquirer

  14. DLaw spoke for me too. We ain't goin out there to lay down? Hell nah. We grown ass professionals, we the gawdamn Dallas Cowboys, we taking the W. Let's Go Cowboys!!!!!!

  15. Noah Brown, Noah Brown, Noah Brown at 6'2 215lbs, He is the Key Factor in The Running Game

  16. It's usually when the majority of people say that someone doesn't have a chance, that someone ends up winning.

  17. Law ' Cowboys 41-17 ' D- Law 3 sacks & a fumble' Zeke 150..eating like it's Thanking again..goin make Stephen a' eat dat black hat ..

  18. Don’t forget about randy Gregory he brings just as much pressure as d law on the opposite side!!

  19. Steven a smith is a joke law

  20. It ain't that Saints fans don't remember Aaron Brooks, we just don't want to remember Aaron Brooks.

  21. Cooper being a Cowboy opening up running lanes yes but the best thing of him being on the team is that he giving our corners the best type of receiver to practice against. If they can stick with him then the other receivers in the league will be in trouble. Go Cowboys. Practice…… yea I said practice. Lol

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