1. Hes not doing to good

  2. The only thing i don't like from Gallup is his number

  3. lol play the clip all the way through. R. Sherman's backup CB inexplicably stopped running on the play, right when "seperation" is created. This a Joke right?

  4. Good throw by Dak. I don’t know why the db stop running. Nice play, nothing more then that.

  5. All these haters talking about the receiving corps isn't that good….all they are doing is providing fire to a young and hungry set of receivers who is going to make everyone eat their words….

  6. This is what I was hoping Gallup could do. I hope he keeps it up, we need that deep threat back. Really wondering why Terrence can't get going like he did when we had Tony.

  7. LOL that cry clip at the end took me out law

  8. Gallup is the definition of what the new WR looks like
    Think of guys like Diggs and Michael Thomas
    Guys like this are excelling in the NFL right now and Gallup will too

  9. Quality breakdown per usual. Thanks.

  10. Looks like the NFL is trying to shut you up Law. I will be looking for any video you put out man.

  11. Gallup has impress me so far

  12. I apologize Law about my last post about racism in the Dallas media but I need to vent. Sorry you set your own subjects of conversation. No disrespect.

  13. This guy number 45…you mean Rod Smith. Is this man a real boys fan? Hmmmm

  14. Nice hearing your analysis of our player Gallup! We both picked him! Voch calls him his son but we know who said he was going to ball! Law you my dude bro! Always following you my brother from another mother! Aloha 808-Yong

  15. WTF Law Nation keep speaking the truth

  16. Gallup gave that DB a subtle fake that froze him

  17. Should name the other channel Live Nation or Law Nation Live

  18. haters are like…Dak can't throw more than 31 yards so he's trash. lol

  19. U said U like this kid long time ago! I see now wht his potential is. And /DAK/ wit tha bomb!? Wht can they say now. Matter of fact, wht R defences going to do wit this new look.? 30 points a game avg is wht I see.
    /GO COWBOYS!??/
    U stupid 4 tht ending tho?

  20. I hate that for you bro I’m already on 2.0 though

  21. Gallup is known to be deceptively fast. He's actually such a great route runner and does little things to misdirect the DBs that he looks like he burns them. Take last night for instance. Dumb "fans" think the sun got on the defenders eyes. That was all Gallup. Dak knew that he has that talent and threw the PERFECT ball for him. Finally we have a WR that does what's he's supposed to, to get separation, and isn't just on the same page as Dak, but on the same paragraph. By the time the season starts he'll be on the same sentence. I noticed Rush didn't have that connection to Gallup, and I really don't care. He woefully underthrew Gallup on a HUGE play. But as long as Dak has that connection. That's all we need. This is going to be a BIG year!!

  22. This is why you draft WR's, been saying it since last year. Should of never passed on SMU's Sutton in the draft, with Sutton and Gallup we would of been set in the passing game. Though one out of two ain't bad !!

  23. Haters need to calm down. It's the preseason. Preseason games are for those guys competing for a job. But them hater's saw what the 1st string Offense did though. Enough said.

  24. He could have had 2 touchdowns if it wasant for cooper with a bad throw

  25. Week 1 Dallas you going down Panther Nation stand up

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