1. Thanks for watching!!! Defensive Tackle Brian Price should create some pressure up the middle if he can remind healthy throughout the year… This channel (((Law Nation))) primarily consists of NFL Film Session + Breakdown and Reviews of complete NFL Games and Quick Film Sessions. Plus, other sports talk and information around the world.Law Nation Merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/LawsNation Salute!!!

  2. Welcome to Oakland. ??

  3. Welcome to the Nation

  4. This is rod last, retired or fired and the new era of Kris Richard…

  5. Price isn't awful, but was a reject from GB, We need a Impact player inside. I hate bend & don't break too, mostly it just tires the D out from being on the field too much on long drives. This year I hope that changes with Richard. But we still lack talent at DT. Collins always hurt feet, Irving iffy and Wa 3 tech. We need interior pressure to impact & take away 3 step drops, short yardage situations & Goal line situations. For the last 2 years I have been wanting to take a Impact DT early 1-3 but no…….

  6. Jerry Jones if you want Dallas to be a contender you must fire Jason Garrett and Rob Marinelli. We all know Garrett can't Coach he's just your pupit as long as he doesn't challenge you and Marinelli is to old and his psychology is behind the times in today's NFL. Jerry you're wasting your money and time with those two and so long as you keep them around Dallas will never compete.

  7. I wish you and all your patrons the best. I know football and know my Cowboys and have since I first started following in 1969. Your false optimism does help get anything changed. Price sucks (I'm sorry) and is not a top 20 DT. He made some plays last year like all of them, EVEN TCraw ! But this Dline has no talent and is made up of scrubs from the practice squad put together to save money so they can spend elsewhere. The DLINE has to be the #1 priority. You cannot patchwork from nobodies and compete as a Dline. DLaw, Collins and a heartless inconsistent Irving are all we have, period. TCraw will get us whipped again. Look, these players and this "Bend and don't break" BS philosophy and this DLine may beat 20-25 teams in this league. Like the Giants game one last year. But it will not consistently perform against the top 6 teams in the league and you know it. It is not the LB's, it is not the secondary. It is the DLine and its lack of talent. Gregory has played roughly 270 something snaps and had 20 tackles total. He is average at best. TCraw is a better DT and a horrible DE but not great at either. And has had 7 years to prove it. Give the reigns to Richard to run the D, put Marinelli out to pasture to develop players. Then let Richard bring in his own guys. Because this Front office and Jerry and Sons do not know a dang thing about playing defense. Marinelli's system is outdated and does not work against top foes. Three years ago we finally had a good rushing D but it was at the bottom and pass D and it got us knocked out again.
    What does it take to show you this and prove it ??? Another year of failing up front on D ? No, because somebody else will put out another optimistic upload next year. If Dallas had jumped up two spots in the draft and taken Vita Vea, maybe this thing could work if we get more aggressive and that does not mean secondary blitz's. I like the draft pick Vander Esch. That is all I will say. I am done, good luck to all of you and all you do. I have not been wrong in a long time. Maybe this year and this blog I will be. I hope so, I doubt it.
    Old Cowboy, take care, I will leave you now and place all my hope on "its football and anything can happen". I won't write or bother you again.

  8. Great piece on Brian Price really enjoyed it but please don't our D coordinator credit cause like our head coach, he still can't make adjustments which is one of our big down falls and constantly doesn't blitz. Can you just tell me what's the plan and why the Cowboys just didn't make Kris Richard d coordinator? He should be our next Head Coach cause we a new direction and new play callers on both sides of the ball.

  9. One of your best videos Law. Keep up the growth

  10. Happy Days ! Shannon Sharpe saying Lawe Nation 15 times Nomo , Caution light defense! Say it again Lawe ain’t gonna get it. Pajamas 2 , butt Skipp . But Shannon, Richard dumped that Caution light Defense

  11. Well we know 1 thing Law, the corners will be playing press this year, as far as Brian Price, I like his size, 6’3 320 LBS, don’t sleep on those guys with that low center of gravity. I hate that expression bend but don’t break…… should be “ attack and don’t look back” mistakes will happen, but you must have a short memory playing in a football game.

  12. New defensive back coach Richard will influence a lot more pressure on I think Byron John is been quoted as saying that they will press a lot more to won’t be as much space as last year I’m excited to see what that will look like I’m one attacking stout defense I’ve been begging

  13. Love the content, exactly what I've been wanting, great to watch during the down time, love it.

  14. Boom. Here comes the boom ?

  15. Well our d line will be much better this year with the addition of jihad ward and dorance Armstrong. We migjt have an all around good d. The lbers play should be better along with the secondary. It might take a couple games to gel but best believe we will get it. Every year our defensive rank goes up. So maybe a top 5 since we had top 10 defense. Just excited our d will be better. Kris richard and greg Jackson as secondary coaches. Dont forget greg had the top 5 d in san fran in 2011.

  16. The “bend but don’t break” scheme is TERRIBLE. It breaks too often.

    A bend but don’t break defense is more suited for a high octane offense that scores at will like the Falcons, Patriots and Saints.

    They need a real defense for their style of play which is a Zeke heavy offense. If Dallas had a good defense, nobody could beat them. Bend but don’t break is not for this kind of offense.

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