1. One way to shut these guys up. Keep winning. Dak just needs to learn when to throw the ball away.

  2. IF You Dont Know History.
    Then You Can Be Told Anything.I Dont Know The Future.But I Do Know My History.The new york Aints Won 2 Superbowls Against The Newcheatlang patriots.When They Had Two Of The Most Prolific Coached Offenses In The History Of The NFl?And The Aints Just Had An Great Defense*That Came From The NFC East Side of The Nfl*And A decent run game.A Trash Ass QB Eli Manning?.My How Have The Times Changed*Definitely not the Running Game We Process*And Dallas's Oline This Years or Last Year or Beyond.is Better Then the giants oline.*But I Do Remember What Happened Tho In Those 2 Superbowls.A 2-0 record to the (((9-7))) Aints
    Smfh These People Are Such Fuckin Haters Yo.A Great Defense-And A Great Running*Has Won More Superbowls Then teams that put up 40-50 point on bad defenses*Boy Dak If Your As Smart As I Think You Are.We Can Win*Some*Superbowls.If We Wasnt As Young As We Are*I Know We Wouldnt Be Having To Be Figuring It All Out On The Fly(The Now).But We Are Still Beating Veteran Qb's Lead Teams.While We Are Doing It*
    (Stop The Fire The Coach Comments)Cause If These Coaches.Had a Healthy* Romo or Top 15 Veteran Qb.They Would Be Coaching In NFC Championship Games an Superbowls(Facts)
    WHY YOU THINK? Troy Aikman Numbers Dont Compare to Drew Brees Brett Favre Tom Brady and all the other Qb's thats Throwing For 400-350 But They Dont Got 3 Superbowls Rings Like Troy Aikman?.Boy I Still Think You Will Always Be Better To Me
    (Emmitt Smith(The Goat).O! That's For All The Barry Sanders Clowns.*Watch The Tape.An Not The Highlights**.Thats How You When 3 Rings In 4yrs
    That's How Good The Cowboys Are Tho.They Dont Realize.That Were The Leaders In The Youth Movement*We Are Good But Young*That Game In the Atl.Is The Turning Point To Us*Being Good And Young*Its Here Haters???#FuckTheHaterz

  3. 30-15 you know what that is….that Daks record minus 6game with Zeek.Yall youngin gotta let shit develop.its like an investment.Superbowls is Yhe Return*.none of your super star Qb's has had the run Dak is on to start their careers.so be calm and watch shit happen k.watched some video dude called yall the Microwave Generation.Let This Cowboys Masterpiece Cook????#CowboysNationKeepMakinEm???

  4. Gtfoh you lame ass fans bro.if Dak is holding the ball to long we have seen each and ever last sack that he held the ball.that would be 10-15 times.so hmm what about the other 30 sacks.the line is what is mediocre*not Dak* and the rookie season should have soon you zombie muthafukaz that shit

  5. when you have moves like cooper you have to stare him down cus his man is cooked 1 or 2 moves he is open if its man to man ! all day

  6. Dak has completed 80% of his 3rd down throws lately. (28 of 35) Dak has completed over 74.6% of his overall passes lately. (97 of 130)

  7. Dak is not trash no were near it,that just a false narrative 3rd year qb been to playoff already they dont know football

  8. So i guess if the ravens make the playoffs they most definitely not going nowhere with lamar jackson cause if they talking about dak like this and not a lamar jackson then something is most definitely wrong. They and alot of these analyst and people are super cowboy haters

  9. Facts from his first year

  10. Pure hating on Dak Prescott!

  11. Whithout Dak the Cowboys wouldn't be nothing!

  12. I'm with them as far as right now we have the other pieces. I think we all know that. Question is can Dak get us to the top. We'll see.

  13. All on Blake bortles 300 yard games are garbage time. This guy is a moron, there is more to the game.

  14. We already have a Dak defender channel ? Mark Holmes!

  15. I don't care what stat you got Dak still sucks.short passes

  16. Guys yall need to chill. He was a 4TH ROUND DRAFT PICK. What do u expect.

  17. Needs work,but he most certainly is NOT trash.

  18. Talking heads the likes of these 3, are like a fart…. sure it stinks for a minute or 2, you know someone dropped that egg, but soon enough it's as if nothing ever happened…these 3 talk to hear themselves 1 up the other 2 farts.

  19. 2000 Ravens. Super Bowl Champions. What everyone remembers about that team was their defense. Look at the Raven's QB and his stats that year. Dak has played better in less than three years than Trent Dilfer has played in his whole career.

  20. That panel never has anything objective 2 say..
    Maybe they did lose some money
    Wiley hates dallas maybe jerry didnt play him.
    He hates giving dallas credit..
    Dont whatch that show

  21. This is becoming the Dak defender channel? Just like mark Holmes smh. Foots is the only one that shoot straight about Dak

  22. 15-12 since his first fluke year lol

  23. The will to win! Is that a stat? Lol he sucks

  24. @Law Nation I just hate the people that only see the negatives, Dak is not only a pure winner, the kid has heart. In 5 years we will be talking about Dak being one of our best QB's ever. That first down run in the 4th quarter……PRICELESS.

  25. Law your showing the first four for Montana. Also Drew Brees only played in one game his Rookie year. Remember both Montana and McNabb played in West Coast offenses.

  26. Funny how you people say missing the playoffs is a winning season? I just don't get it

  27. Dak never puts air under the ball

  28. Dak don't win shit Zeke or the defense does

  29. 18 mil is to much maybe 5 ?

  30. Not every team has a pro bowl o line and they do fine? Just excuses for Dak

  31. Til Dak has 2 Superbowls don't compare Dak to Ben.and been throws deep so don't compare either

  32. 1996 was the last of 6 straight winning seasons. Oh I forgot Tony Romo and the Cowboys had a winning record from 2006 to 2009. 2006 9-7, 2007 13-3, 2008 9-7, and 2009 11-5.

  33. Yep I checked he's still trash ?

  34. Watch your videos every time it’s recommended. Never knew I wasn’t subscribed. Hit the button too quick after I found that out

  35. Talking HEADS is what I'm hearing.

  36. If Lewis don't intercept that pass Daks fumble would've been the def of him.

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