1. Is he a liability or an asset?

  2. He is officially active now let's see him show out

  3. Just watched Brian Brudus say this kid is a Big Hitter… omg Brian B… what film did u watch, only thing I seen was him pushing people out of bonds… not 1 big hit… think Brian needs to clean his glasses off.

  4. I said this a while ago ET is NOT coming to DALLAS

  5. I'm a cowboys fan for life but why are they signing everybody but Earl Thomas they just keep piling trash on top of fucking trash??‍♂️

  6. Again, you can not even speak proper english. Ridiculous!!! Smh lol

  7. Kris is a coach not a miracle worker. Where is Earl Thomas?

  8. Surprised we got him. He played well enough against our guys last week I was getting irritated. He made a few notable plays in that game. Wow. What a stroke of luck!

  9. Have u done a break down on panthers?
    Check out my video @ cowboys real talk – panthers break down. Tell me what u think law.

  10. Not impressed with him to be honest.

  11. Law baby— to be honest i am so frustraterd with our stubborn conservatism and only getting bottom players for cheap…for instance i am really upset at SF safety Reid who said he wont kneel anymore so he can play but the good ol boy NFL has blackballed hin..makes me so mad…he did not commit a crime or physically abuse someone or sell drugs or even use drugs or PED's….just an issue of his conscience that is suppose to be afforded to any American..I hope Colin Kapernick demolishes NFL in court on their black-balling him…this good ol boy stuff makes me so mad…and this aint some racial thing with me either…by the way i am WASP and i am ashamed of my people over the years..all this stuff just aint right

  12. Texans should've kept him at corner

  13. Dude he's hella tall.

  14. Great work right there man !

  15. Bruh I wish this an earl film session

  16. Lenoir reminds me of Patrick Crayton/Ogeltree ….. is it just me?

  17. I think Kyle Queiro fits better at safety not sure what coaching staff is doing LB.
    6’2 205
    Baits QBs and can hit.

  18. Looks like a safety playing corner to me, Law!

  19. They need you as. Scouting specialist

  20. With Kris Richard we can take chances on projects for our secondary but at some point he's going to need some proven commodities

  21. Good stuff like always

  22. Texan fan here you got a good db in him he just needs to get better awareness hope he does good with you guys

  23. Is this dude on our 53?

  24. Looks like a good prospect. If he can stay physical on the line most of the time he wont need speed

  25. Where’s ERIC REID!!!

  26. randy Jackson voice
    Um itz a no for me dawg

  27. All the rangy dbs like tyree robinson, donavon olumba, & treston decoud are going to cause problems for wrs. all they need to do is get faster & stronger so they can be hard hitters as well. but I think kris richard are going to coach them into being that. ?

  28. Dayum that was a missile Comin down the sidleline

  29. He’s a rotational SS at best right now. See what Kris can do with him


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