1. The Cowboys are my favorite team

  2. This game Dan Bailey made 1 Field Goal, Dez Bryant was celebrating his Birthday If I'm NOT Mistaken that is what Kenny Albert was saying had 2 TDS, @JosephRandle #FormerOklahomaStateCowboy had 1 TD, Jason Witten had 1 TD, and Former Jacksonville Jaguar Jeremy Mincey had 1 SACK and Lawrence had a SACK.

  3. I remember missing this game because it was on a weird time.

  4. What happen to those commentators???

  5. Romo was fresh off of a transverse process fracture this game. Law is being a little deceptive in not mentioning that.

  6. Why won’t we start Brice over T-Won’t?

  7. Makes me miss Romo just look at the ball location, how quick the ball is out the tight throws he’s making!!!

  8. Buncha really silly people in these comments lmao, lotta people getting at Dak

  9. Romo throws deep they say🤣🤣 Dez FIRST TD pass this game was a SHORT PASS where A FULLY HEALTHY DEZ got YAC. Watch football with your eyes folks.

  10. How much I miss romo💔

  11. Was this the game where Rolando McClain was active despite not practicing all week and didn’t have any snaps in the game?

  12. Crazy how far the Jags came about with Bortles. And the nostalgia with Dez, such a monster game especially those two TDs , such an amazing force when healthy

  13. Your comparisons to Dak and Romo is asinine… How many super bowls do Romo and how long have Romo been in the league compared to Dak lmao

  14. If only Dak could pass like that ! Tony makes his receivers open half the time he passes💙💙💙

  15. Wish dez was still in his prime

  16. Dak take notes thats how u throw to dez.

  17. bra, THANK YOU. In literally everything you said….We still should ask him to take a pay cut or restructure his deal how we used to do Romo's. I've like Brice Butler > T Will as our #2 WR the past 2 yrs. There are several WRs who are being overlooked in the draft that we can pick up after the 2nd rd We need DEFENSIVE PLAYMAKERS in the 1st 2 rds. I like DAESEAN HAMILTON out of Penn St tho And DJ Moore if he slides. personally

  18. Now that’s a quarterback

  19. I believe the 14 Cowboys would have whooped Patriots ass in the SB… we'd already whooped on Seattle in Seattle that year.. Patriots played the 2nd best team in NFC in Superbowl 2014

  20. Look at the ball placement that Tony gives Dez Bryant Law…People say it’s no chemistry but last year in the last 8 games Dez had 48 catches for 778 yards…remember he missed 4 games…I will be the first to say that I think the Cowboys need to move on BUT judging by those numbers he’s gotten something left…Yes he dropped 13 passes this season but look at the passes that came his way that was uncatchable. I will still say Draft a WR either in the 1st or 2nd round but let Dez and Dak for one more year. Dez has never been a player of a deep route tree as that can be said for the star WR James Washington WHO played at Oklahoma State. They are not asked to run a lot of routes at that school. Dez does need to learn the route tree but when people bash him by saying he can’t run routes I think they tend to forget he was the same person who only ran 3 routes from 2012-2014 that got him that contract. My only fear is letting Dez go and he lights our ass up for 200 yards in an offense that would make you think maybe it wasn’t him. I really don’t like these short WRs but if I had to grab one it would be Ridley, Kirk, Miller or DJ Moore. Terrance can be replaced. Beasley may have played his last days with Switzer in town. They also need to find a way to add Rico to this offense even with Witten being on the field. All this loyalty has not brought any Super Bowls to the team so let’s face the reality

  21. When Dez Bryant was a beast

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