1. Comparing the falcons passing to the cowboys is plain stupid. Totally 2 different ways those 2 organizations play football. 2014 the cowboys became a running team… period. Dumb comparison.

  2. you dudes are lost dez is the past because hes trash, even with all the ignorant excuses hes a washed up piece of shit

  3. As a Vols fan I’m down with Antonio Callaway. Real recognize real.

  4. Educate them Akoye! They all need it!

  5. https://youtu.be/6g8dWAQU4TE
    Quintin Heyward check me out bro would love to be a guest on your platform

  6. Bryant NEVER beat anyone deep in his entire career guys. lol

  7. 159 targets for Bryant in 2013.

  8. lol Bryant is a very vocal player who can cause problems. C'mon !!!!

  9. The 'kiss my a_s " comment was very disrespectful to the Cowboys brass. You don't say that and thats why they didn't approach him.

  10. Akoye,…… Bryant didn't even average 700 yards a yards the last three years ? You guys for some strange reason are still in 12,13 and 14? The bottom line is that Bryant hasn't gotten it done and thats why hes gone.

  11. Dallas passing offense ranked 26th in 2017 and was ranked 23rd in 2016 so going forward I don't see how our passing game will be good without our best WR, We all know we are a running team but Dallas will have to fins ways to beat teams with the pass because we are not gonna be able to run it all the time with Zeke

  12. They better give Noah Brown a legit shot this year, I'm pumped to see what he can do!

  13. Both of you guys are two intelligent young brothers …Respect

  14. Great Video guys love seeing us stick together no matter our differences of opinons…MUCH LOVE FOR BOTH OF YOU GUYS

  15. Y'all should do this more often

  16. 3 billboards in ebbing missouri

  17. Straight up, Watkins got overpaid and his contract makes no sense. Straight up, Dez was not playing to the contract that he was getting paid. Part of that is on him, part of that is on Dak, and the other part is on this coaching staff.

    I will miss the hell out of Dez, but the way the team is building to be younger and cheaper, they couldn't keep him. I'm looking forward to see how Dak plays with Dez completely out of the equation and watch if he steps up and spreads the ball around like he should. I think having Dez there was a distraction for Dak, and if the Cowboys organization are all in on Dak Prescott, then moving on from Dez makes sense.

    Only time will tell how this team will be come September, but I'm hyped to see what this offense can do this season.

  18. Defense defense defense
    It’s obvious this offensive approach hasn’t worked and gotten us anywhere . Even with romo
    Garrett sucks . Only we can overcome his mess is get a real defense

  19. Dez has been in the league 3 seasons longer than Julio Jones. This guy comparing them as if they both have as many seasons played. Julio will smash Dez's "stats" by the time he is done.

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