1. I realize why this team is America’s team because these motherfuckers have to cheat to win I’m a Dallas cowboys fan but after last Monday game I can’t do it because it was not an honest win they cheated to beat the saints and I don’t like cheaters so I gotta drop the cowboys I’m done ✅

  2. If we can get our front four to disturb the pocket it will give our secondary a lot of confidence to try for the ints and playing the ball! As long as our CBs turn their heads around we could see more picks! This also creates a problem with Kris Richard to have opportunities as HC/DC other teams looking for?! What do you think Law? It’s a demise of winning, losing people that helped build this defense! So hope we can turn the corner in the last four weeks right into the playoffs! Seems like the year is turning to where the hottest team can move into the playoffs with peaking at the right time!! We need someone to cover the TEs on other team… he’s a liability during pass plays but really has good motor! Our defense is “special” hope we don’t waste this year! Go Cowboys!

  3. We need a tie! Lol but we need Sean Lee to sit back and do what he’s doing now! Put him in situations!! Than we can have some back ups and play when needed! Play everyone that’s playing now with out disturbing the flow of the LBs !!! Go Dallas Cowboys!

  4. Damian Wilson is SLOW, may need to be replaced next season.

  5. S/O to Law Nation. Shalam!

  6. Leave Lee on the bench.


  8. Sean lee does not need to be starting he looked awful against the titans and just ended up getting hurt again. In my opinion sean isnt better than lve or jaylon right now and doesnt deserve a starting spot. Id keep him on the sideline and try to get a pick for him or make him a coach hes pretty mych washed up right now. Lve is the future

  9. Skins gonna win tonight. People pumpin up the Egirls like they're somthin smh.

  10. A lot of people speaking on Dak Prescott Drew Brees fumble and threw an interception

  11. Also want Gregory to keep playing the way that he's playing I understand what happened with you know the call about.but if you look at it he was kind of knocked into the punter I like that guy's energy and how much effort you put into it I don't want anybody to reign him in.do you know that all sides call on him was very questionable I've seen much worse at that point it appeared to Me like they was trying to help the
    saints out.

  12. Yo bro I want the wolf Hunter I want Smith other name of Jalen out there I think if it ain't broke don't try to fix it.

  13. We shouldn’t sleep on philly. Division games always get me nervous no matter what

  14. Y'all disrespecting my man Lee! SMH

  15. Me and my wife have predicted Redskins > Eagles

  16. Great content!!!! You need to be in first take or ESPN!! (.) Not jus saying that because I'm a cowboys fan..your great a breaking down football… You know your stuff!!

  17. Dak Prescott can pass on Saints Defense. Lee replacement for Marinelli end of this season. Get Lee ready come to playoffs. Let Irving in last game for Pressure ( Geoff, Brees, Wilson & Bears QB). Time to hunt! Eagles next Monday night

  18. Right we’re not like the aints… Even though the aints has the game well and hand… They still added insults to injury…

  19. Law i believe Sean Lee should be in the rotation. However LVE should start. My opinion Lee is definitely helping out with coaching on the sideline while he has been out. Lee present is definitely is there even tho he's not on the field. Lee is still a beast when healthy. What a great situation we have with the linebacker. Go Cowboys # bleed blue

  20. They didn't throw the neutral zone infraction flag until AFTER Drew Breeze was in the grasp…which is more evidence that during the context of any game we have 2 adversaries, the opposition and the ref's

  21. Dak is playing with people's lively hood while he's impersonate a QB. .Gallup could be a household name along with gathers zeek would be free to massacre front 7s my o line would be no doubt referred to as the best sad to say but the coach n coordinator would look like geniuses all by 1 man. Imagine that Dak last fumble if we lost hmmmmmmmm .stop letting this 1guy ruin people careers ps not to mention Dez. X

  22. Keep Sean Lee on the bench. If they put him back out there his likely to get hurt again.

  23. Colt McCoy will embarrass the Eagles Secondary

  24. Sean Lee playing would rather have him out there than number 57

  25. Dak is Tim Tebow 2.0, but with a higher fumble rate. This team no matter how good the running game and defense is, is still limited to Dak's performance. Hes got awful pocket awareness, doesnt look downfield, fumbles alot and has terrible accuracy.

  26. We play next Monday, so tomorrow is the teams Monday for this game. We get the full 5 days off victory Monday for Thursday games followed by Monday games.?
    I'm resting Zeke on vet Wednesday too. He did a ton of work in November on tight scheduling and shorter recovery/rest in between.

  27. We better be ready to play and not slack…..finish the fight boys

  28. Eagles suck boys already beat

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