1. Damn im late what up law..

  2. Watch Philly – they're on the cuff and desperate so do not take them for granted.
    Dallas just needs to play like they have been – focus, don't get ahead of themselves and take 1 week at a time and they should do well the rest of the year.

  3. Book it we gonna win out bro SALUTE

  4. You look a lot like James Harden. Like a lot.

  5. If cowboys beat Eagles, cowboys got a great chance on playoffs.

  6. Let's not overlook anybody play the opponents as hard as you can, be efficient on Offense rest that Defense and when it's time Cut em loose, Let's take December 1 game at a time shut out the noise and keep moving forward

  7. I was just watching ur post game video. But who would u rather win eagles or redskins. I'm going with deadskins

  8. We can easily make it to the NFC championship

  9. Cowboys need the Superbowl

  10. Yeah 76 on the last play of the 3rd quarter got manhandled! I don't like that

  11. Appreciate the Content!

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