1. We're gonna get a good look at Prescott right out of the gate. Panthers bring a top 5 defense vs the pass into this game from a year ago. The DB coach for the Panthers is probably the best in the league. 2nd and 4th round picks from 2016 draft man the positions. The Cowboys will be hard pressed to find running lanes for EZE. This game will be won or lost on the strength of #4 and the receiving corp. I look for the defenses to dominate this game. I think Dak will make enough plays to squeak out the win. He won't look good passing but he uses his legs to get the win. Cowboys16 Panthers13 .

  2. Brice Butler Cory Coleman and Kendall right is on the open market

  3. We just waiting for you to drop some bars

  4. my Canes went dwn' tonite' got to run the table' to my the playoffs..

  5. wassup Law' I think we gonna shock the world's Cowboys nation..12 – 4 is wat I see..

  6. Hell no paxton lynch sucks

  7. What ya got against lve he's gonna be one the best? if used right…

  8. Da team is a big question mark dis yr

  9. Travis Frederick IS NOT going on I.R. !!!!!! That means Dallas expects him back before week 8. #72!!!!!

  10. We have a big year built to win with our roster our starter's are supreme!!!

  11. Thank you for reporting sports

  12. Law Jeff Heath ain't going to no damn pro bowl mane stop it

  13. Will Daniel Ross be cut in favor of David Irving return ? Datone Jones too productive, valuable to cut and hes a better player than Ross.

  14. You need to get your advertising banners off the screen, interfering with reading/seeing content.(Dallas Prospect & Silver and Blue)

  15. yeh, i still thought we whiffed on taking Dalton schultz over DT Maurice Hurst – Schultz hasn' t shown me anything warranted taking him that high in the middle round. zero separation skills. i think he'll be off the team in a couple of years.

  16. The Cowboys kept Lance Lenoir & Dres Anderson on the practice squad. Now Dak really going to have a friendly offense. If the cowboys keep ballhawking ass Dominick Sanders as a practice squad safety Kris Richard going to have a friendly secondary as well.

  17. Can we pls celebrate Chaz Green bein cut pls

  18. This is a New look Dallas Cowboys team. The offense they used in the Preseason is NOT what they will look like.

    This Offense has been changed to fit Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott.
    They did the same thing for ROMO and Dez!.

  19. this is sean lee last injury year

  20. yes they release paxston lynch

  21. Hello LAW! Great podcast! What happened to BO? Why didn't he get added to the practice squad? I didn't see anyone that picked him up. Cheers! Wes

  22. Mark White QB put him Practice squad , Wait upgrade Rush QB ! Landry Jones QB he’s out there possibly.Drafted Jordan Matilda OT from Australia , Philadelphia drafted him 6th Rds. Possibly started next season. Take him over White QB!

  23. Rico made da squad hell yea…. n i jus ordered dat Jaylon Smith jersey

  24. Whats up law, the cowboys worry me bro. They didn't look good in pre season

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