1. He's caught up to Harold Landry on career sacks! 3

  2. I always liked Gregory as rookies I thought he was better than tank now both are coming into form if only we could get Irving to act right

  3. He'll get right just actually getting some time in just need more and as well as PATIENCE better on the left though gotta get right nah mean

  4. I love the young man Law! Tremendous upside. Thanks for the videos bro love em!

  5. Those Injurie's this Season are Nagging Most of Our Defensive Unit Player's. Randy Gregory can only get much Better with Time and Continuous Hard Working, if He can only Stay Healthy and on that Straight and Narrow Path Also. Whenever the Tandem of Randy Gregory and De'Marcus Lawrence, Plus David Irving can Bring it All Together at One-time Watch-out then People. They are Gonna be Some Beast's to be Reckoned with in the N.F.L. They'll All/Both will be Comin' Off of those Left and Right Edge's Together Forcefully at different Time's. And that will will Spell'Out Quarterback Head-huntin' Trouble Time's Enforced by #90, and #95, and #94 of the HotπŸ”₯Boy'z Defense One-day ! πŸ’ͺ πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  6. I dont understand why Crawford is playing end, dude has no speed, no move to detach himself from linemen. Randy should be a full time player at end.

  7. Let Them Boys Play…Randy Is A Beast We Seen Him, So Go Do What A Beast Will Do !

  8. Mannn Law with the more Reps & him being focused he gone be ready!! I do know we gone need him & D-law #90 big this Sunday cause if the Qb can't throw than the Wr can't get no catches this is by far in a long while the best Defense I've seen in a long while need some bull rushes from Jaylon & some good coverage again from the tackling Dutchman

  9. Thats why he got suspended cause he was a dangerous on the field it was not about the drugs when a great player is playing for dallas they suspended to paralyze the cowboys

  10. Do you have 2 channels?

  11. Love your videos man. You know your stuff

  12. Dude is quick! I hope he can keep it up….

  13. 94 is special. I'm hoping slow footed Matt Ice drops to the ground a couple times Sunday with him standing above.

  14. He can be very special on this team with david Irving when they play tho..

  15. Randy clearly has the Technique he just needs time

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