1. I really would start Jourdan Lewis and move Chido into the slot!!

  2. If Coach Richards goes out on a limb, takes a gamble or changes things up defensively and throws ATL a curve ball. You know Marinelli plays the passive bend soft approach (same, same, same). Richards is the opposite, ATTACK ! I believe our secondary that has been looking so good in coverage can handle some major changes in a different attack plan. Byron Jones on Julio all day with Heath leaning in that direction. It won't shut Julio down but we can beat him up and slow him down. And if the front end of this Cowboy D that has been getting faster, stronger and more aggressive can move Ryan out and around and make him uncomfortable it could be a big day. The Lb's are playing well and J. Smith and company can handle the running game (hopefully). The one player who could hurt us for Atlanta is Tevin Coleman "IF" we go this route on our Defensive attack. His speed and acceleration could catch us out of position. So do we go base D coverage and play it safe ? Or do we go for the knockout ? Now may not be the time for a gamble because we have to win and win now to stay in contention. But a championship D shows the ability to adapt and change its attack. NO, this is not what anyone has seen the last several years of Marinelli's reign. But it could open the door for us, give new confidence and give this D a swagger it has not had in 20 years.
    *Note- yes, having Lee would be a bonus. But this D for the first time in SIX (6) years is playing well without him. And I'm sick and tired of him letting this team down. Him and hammy have surpassed Miles Austin and that is pathetic and hard to believe.

  3. A poor mans Bobby Carpenter.??

  4. Falcons are going to attack Chidube and brown. Byron jones will probably have maybe 2 passes thrown his way

  5. I love the fact that Byron Jones is back at corner he's done a great job thus far. This will be his ultimate test because Julio is gonna get his, dude is a baller. I believe if we can with stand their best punches and score TD's not FG's the Cowboys will come away with the win. Our O-Line is much improved over last years debacle also. Feed Zeke!

  6. To when the division we have to win out to fight for a wild card we have to win 6 out of the 7 games left I love my cowboys but I hate when we in situations like this Espically with these next for games coming

  7. Keep it up law. Love this shyt

  8. Yeah the whole secondary is getting tested. Pressure up front will help. Dak needs to make some throws. Things will open for zeke to control it some. We havta score.

  9. Keep it comeing Law

  10. Dallas Cowboys VS Atlanta Falcons 1 PM

  11. Well, Law, Xavier Suo'Filo Former Houston Texans Offensive Lineman has played well in stretches of the game but I want to and expect to see MORE from him though before I make any Decrees and Declarations.

  12. The thing is with Atlanta offense is you cant just stop Julio Jones. Atlanta struggles running the ball but will try to spread us out and test our other corners.

  13. The RPO has to be utilized and Scott Linehan has to utilize Dak's STRENGTHS everything that he done at Mississippi State

  14. Dak has to be ACCURATE with his throws especially with Deion Jones, Ricardo Allen, Keanu Neal OUT, The Defense has to find a way to NOT ONLY Contain Julio Jones but also, Calvin Ridley, Mohamed Sanu, Justin Hardy, Austin Hooper, Tevin Coleman and Ito Smith out of the Backfield especially with DeVonta Freeman INJURED, etc.

  15. Well, According to playerprofiler.com, Matt Ryan's BEST COMPARABLE is: Peyton Manning

    ▶Wonderlic Score: 32

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