1. One hit wonder dak sucks

  2. Thanks for giving Mariota props!! Especially considering he hurt a nerve in his throwing arm and has one of the highest percentages of perfectly thrown balls dropped.

  3. I'm sorry law for getting in my feelings in previous videos… your still my favorite dude. Keep doing you. I'll keep doing me and questioning you when I feel it needs to be done

  4. yo Law Cowboys 41- 14 cooper 3 T.ds..

  5. We're going to be out there working every single technique, every drill, we're going to bring some violence, some nasty to the game. -Marc Columbo ??

  6. if these teams really mirror each other, the best to expect is the unexpected. Odd plays/formations. Some different wrinkles to loosen things up. Maybe a fake punt/FG or an option pass.  Hopefully Gallup WR and Schultz TE/FB get more snaps. The more those two are involved the better the offense will do. And run run RUN That DAMN BALL down their throats with Zeke, Rod, and Dak. It should be a good fight. Well Our Dallas Cowboys will fight for every inch by inch. So ring that bell. Let's bring it Cowboys style. Peace

  7. The Dallas Cowboys will get flagged whipped every single game.. Most hated on team in the nation

  8. Screw the division… with a few exceptions, the entire NFC conference is pretty much balling

  9. Switched from belly Irving to now ankle Irving. ?

  10. In ever game and good defense, great how the oilers are like us. Yes, yes I'm old

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