1. Man I’m from Canada I won’t lie if I go to a cowboys game at AT&T I feel meeting you would a must as a part of the fan experience. When I think cowboys your one of the top things that pop in mind after watching you for so long. Thanks for everything you do

  2. He wants to play tackle, you can't tell him to move back inside. Lol. Even now with Connor hurt, they won't do it. Is Flemming that bad? Are they letting Collins tell them where he's playing?

  3. The man is a guard! They are wearing Tyrone out with putting a rookie that's not ready and then after putting people like Chaz beside him. Put 2 strong Guards and you can run up the middle all day!!!! That opens up for great pulls up the field and so many other options. @LAW look at the past film. Zeke first year were big runs on the left side and up the gut! They should put Collins back at guard in my opinion.

  4. collins should have never moved to tackle, put his big ass back at left guard

  5. I’m glad you did this video because I’ve been saying Collins is a great guard I remember Voch had read my comment on live and agreed but this is why you guys are great because you guys will show us and tell us ??? great video

  6. Put Fleming at tack & start training the room for tack then move Lael to guard

  7. Ty Smith, L Collins, J Looney, Z Martin & Flemming
    Schultz, Rico & Swaim
    Cooper, Gallup, Beasley, Hurns & Noah Brown

    I'd even settle for a switch in Collins & Williams
    Allow CWill to earn whatever position he gets & not just because he's a 2nd rd pick

  8. It's sad how the fans see that he's a guard but the coaches can't even figure it out ?.

  9. I like the thought of it. But what about Connor Williams. Will he be good at right tackle? What about putting Tyron Smith at right tackle and put Connor Williams at left tackle? What do y'all think about that?

  10. Between Collins and Williams I never seen that much holding between two Cowboys since the movie Broke Back Mountain.

  11. Yeah only the Cowboys would take an very good guard and turn him into a subpar tackle….its crazy that Conner Williams isnt playing tackle

  12. Law? Why would they make that change? Why would they take him out of that guard spot?

  13. Once again….a clear picture of a coaching staff that has no clue. Hopefully Columbo changes that.

  14. And connor Williams isn’t a guard he’s a tackle. Connor Williams needs to put on some weight to play guard. He’s a good finesse blocker.

  15. Conner Williams would of been a top 10 pick at tackle a year ago if he came out… Instead he played another year of college ball and fell in the draft due to health issues. Then he gets drafted by our Cowboys and moved to guard when we already had one smh…Williams is a right tackle and our below average coaching staff put Collins and Williams in each other's spot ?

  16. Yeah he clearly enjoyed playing guard. He's not having much fun at tackle

  17. Conor Williams is injured so hopefully they switch Collins back

  18. Exactly, he needs to play left guard

  19. Bench Williams… The rook is not ready.. Move Collins to guard.. Start Fleming at right tackle.. Lets roll!!

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