1. Relax take it easy? Still a lot of fighting to do. We got four more opponents that will be bringing everything they got. America's Team and Cowboys Nation needs to be ready. There is no rest in this NFC East. Let's take the que from D-Law. Never be satisfied.

  2. Martymarr from the Chi! Yes Sir Law, that's what I'll be downing relaxing this weekend. Hopefully our Cowboys get tested rested up and get back down to business Mon. COWBOS NATION ROCK

  3. Relax but not to relax… wasssup law

  4. All I know is some people owe LVE an apology. He was not a pick that many fans loved.

  5. Heck yeah Law! Chill n take one bite at a time.

    Respect ✊

  6. I cant believe that the Cowboys won! Talk about an eye opener.

  7. Dallas needs this extra time off – but yeah…I'm good. Still lots of ball left.

  8. I say wear the all whites for the rest of year…

  9. We go to super bowl, 24hr streaming with that dope beat playing

  10. Law Nation it’s Featherdusters season the Eagles ?. Carson Wentz is next to come AT&T Stadium.

  11. Yes ! Just chill and heal up.

  12. I wonder if Kareem Hunt get's a 6 game suspension after this latest video that surface around 2:30pm today.

  13. Law bro you father of the year nothing but the best


  15. Let the Eagles and Redskins beat on each other while our team rests

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