1. "Romo missed open receivers too" ???? Nobody said he didn't, but you did point out that he missed open receivers. The same isn't said about Dak. Everybody else gets the blame but him.

  2. Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan should rotate the Running Backs Zeke and Rod Smith then utilize the I-Formation with F-Back Jamize Olawale.

  3. Tyron Smith (LT), Ronald Leary (LG), Travis Frederick(C), Zach Martin(RG), and Doug Free(RT) have to do BETTER at PASS BLOCKING and RUN BLOCKING because there was times just looking at this game that their footwork was off-kilter.

  4. New coaching staff so we can bring Dez back

  5. This team was better than the 07 and 16 team. They should have at least got to the NFC Championship game.

  6. Wow underthrows, overthrows, missing wide open receivers, n some almost thrown picks in there….? ? ? ? ?

  7. Demarco Murray could never hold on to the ball

  8. We should of traded for Golden Tate also. His yards after the catch is one of the best in the league. He will helped Philly and hurt us. I know that we all ready have Tavon Austin and Cole Beasley. But Tate is very dangerous after the catch. He makes people miss.

  9. When people talk about Daks 180 yard games ?? look at Romo's stats at the end

  10. Romo needed a running game and he was always stacked at wr

  11. There are plenty of examples of Romo missing open throws. I wish people would stop acting as if just because romo can point out things from a bird eye view that he would always execute on them when playing because it's just not true.

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