1. there's always been players that don't practice that well but when the game starts somehow they've got an ability to make plays..Dak reminds me of watching Kenny Stabler for the Raiders who would look like dogshit many times thru many games but when suddenly plays needed to be made he would somehow pull it out..not everyone is gonna be a pure passer and have perfect robotic mechanics like an Aaron Rodgers or Peyton..i just care about wins and losses..we'll find out thos year if Dak can step up and handle the pressure or not..

  2. Honestly I dont like the out route it's a risky throw for any quarterback and a easy pick for cb we should really crap it that and the fade route.

  3. The whole team needs to be better it unacceptable the way they been playing for last few years

  4. I can tell y'all never played football before because y'all are tryna bench this man for throwing 2 ints. That happens in practice. Half of of y'all couldn't even complete a pass period. Just stfu Cooper rush won't change shit.

  5. Daks deep ball has no touch…he's throwing ropes down field…to much velocity on the passes…

  6. Conner Williams has excellent feet, loves to maul defensive guys, and he never quits. Many including myself believe he should of been a 1st round pick. Dak is the biggest question, can he step up his game vs. top opponents esp. in the playoffs.

  7. Cooper Rush is a pure passer and Dak has 2 Elements to his game pass and the run. To say one is better than the other depends on your view point, is the pass game the most critical factor or is a dual threat more valuable?? you be the judge !!

  8. Our defense is making our offense look like crap. Gotta wait til the season starts but tbh I liked Beasley more in the slot he's too short for some of those long throws im seeing

  9. Get Better Dak Prescott

  10. This year's number one draft pick (#55) looks heavy-footed aka SLOW! 😤

  11. I know i wouldn't like to be the guy who has to tackle bo Scarborough

  12. Great video, big fan appreciate your hard work

  13. By the way love your videos Law.

  14. I like the fact that Cooper Rush is showing out. These two QB's Dak and Cooper could be like some of the teams in the Seventies. That way if Dak gets hurt, perish the thought, but if he does we might just have an ace in the hole.

  15. I haven't heard from Noah Brown

  16. I'm a Dak fan boy, but I don't like how long he's holding the ball in the pocket. A QB's best friend is a good running game!! We will be fine.

    Thanks for posting

  17. Hey Law this might be old but hopefully this will get you hype to see the eagles get beat this season https://youtu.be/Aie-nEmayJk

  18. Love the fight that we haven’t had in years of past Jimmy Johnson era, Tuna’s era! Love the fight starting and finishing !!!’ All starts in practice!!! Cheeehoooo

  19. Lenoir makes this team and blows up some CBS in the league!!!

  20. Unlike yesteryears I have a very good feeling about this team and the direction in which they are heading. Good job Law

  21. I don't understand why folks get upset and think I'm just trying to hate on Dak.
    I just don't see it with the kid. I need to see more accuracy and deep ball capability.
    All that having been said though… Linehan needs to go!!!!!

  22. So… the deep ball to lenoir was from Cooper rush. The pick ab got was from Dak.

  23. … Cowboys HITMAN Defense

  24. Great practice. Everyone survived! This offense made all the RIGHT mistakes. But the defense scoring is what really excites. We haven’t seen this in YEARS. It’s without a doubt a new attitude.
    I Still say the chemistry and the steal of the offseason in the hiring of KR will bring a championship to Dallas. Nobody sees the changes already instilled in the WHOLE DEFENSE.
    Marinelli is D. Coordinator in name only, and has passed the torch to Richard indeed. All he cares about is his rushmen. This is a match made in heaven for our team.
    The second best move is the hiring of S. Lal.
    Together with the draft day move for Austin and Gallup is a gift Linehan has coveted since his Detroit days. Our draft this year was just as important as the coaching upgrades.
    Bottom line is, this defense is gonna surprise this league and carry the offense till it gets on- track. NO MORE BEND DONT BREAK ATTITUDE! AMEN! This IS the REAL LEGION OF DOOOOOOOOOMMMMM! Every addition, from Van Der Esch to Antwaan Woods is a message to the league,
    As for the offense, Zeke will carry till the passing game comes together, and will jell at just the right time. No more divas, just a real team working together finally for each other.

  25. Is that 40 Quierro the safety they are trying to make a cb?

  26. Yep that be Beasely 5-10 yard route? lol every route!!!!


  28. Dak will struggle again this year. Dak is an athlete, not a wizard.

  29. Our fanbase filled with fucking idiots cooper rush s playing against a defense full of players that’ll be flipping burgers next year and our fan base is mad over 2 picks thrown in practice everybody throws int there no super qb, Dak still had a decent year last year and the before he was rated a top 5 qb what we gon do when we find cooper rush weakness scream to replace him ???

  30. Dak is on his so-called "JUNIOR" Season in which he has to SHOW UP and SHOW OUT, We'll see Week 1 against The Carolina Panthers because The Veterans will NOT be playing in the first 2 preseason games that means Dak will NOT be playing.

    ⏩We will NOT be seeing What Dak has learned from his so-called "SOPHOMORE" Season going into this season.

  31. The Cornerback that sports #40 in which Tavon Austin "MOSSED" is named Charvarius Ward, Tavon Austin just snagged that ball out the sky.

  32. Well, Law, Anthony Brown CANNOT have the initials AB Why? Well, The Pittsburgh Steelers refer to Antonio Brown as AB.

  33. Have a question for you? Didn't Terrence Williams brake his foot? What's up with that was that a lie? Did I miss something? Somebody tell me something plz

  34. Great video man. I agree %100

  35. The defense played better than the offense. When I watch these games and most of preseason, its never to see how the vets do. I watch to see which draftee, UDFA and bubble players step up to grab a position. The preseason will be big for them. As of Dak, who tracks practice TDs, no vet is going all out and shouldn't, leave it for the season, that's where I will judge Dak.

    I love watching Jane Slater, but that report about practice TDs makes no sense.

  36. why people hate dak prescott so much? his stats even looks better than tony romo & troy aikman. he be throwing decent passes to allen hurns & michael gallup. I don't understand why people want him to throw a damn td pass if the cowboys are a run team 1st anyway

  37. What do you think about Rico Gathers

  38. Dak sucks! 2 interceptions is totally unacceptable, let Cooper Rush be our starting QB!

  39. Maybe we have something special in Tavon. SPEED KILLS!!

  40. Austin got two awards, the bolt and the medieval. He must be the MVP

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