1. Dak is not the answer. Holds ball to long needs to get rid of ball quicker. He is main problem with offense. Nobody is scared of him . Has cooper now and can’t tell any difference. Cole Beasley is good yet no passes to him. Linehan offense is so vanilla and predictable. Has to go . He is a terrible OC and Garrett is terrible coach. Any other oc would do great wit this team and line . Norv turner McVay Payton etc. Dallas needs to rid themselves of these coaches cuz they will win nothing….smh

  2. Nah redskins are not that good they had to cheat us for them to win & remind you not once did we do Rpo or screen play pass remind you the Saints blew them out & the colts beat them one more thing this is Sunday morning & im saying to y'all now the Giant's do for a win & the redskins secondary not that good so wit Shepard & Beckham they gone kill them. Y'all heard it here first also by that sequon Barkley gone kill the Bama boy's he's been light's out Can't wait to see the final score again they do for a WIN!

  3. Why would Paul Alexander try to fix something that ain't broken? I been reading that Lael Collins is struggling to adapt to Alexanders different techniques. WTF!!! Alexander has to GO!

  4. No The Redskins Ain't Going To Run Nothing.We should have won that game.They got to bring themselves together and play football like they know they can do!!

  5. What's Up Law Nation.Break Time.Hope The Cowboys Can Get Their Act Together With This Bye Week.Is Amari Cooper Going To Be The x factor.

  6. When will Austin be back omg .. that offense can be a nightmare.!!!

  7. Watched a pretty good breakdown on why Cooper's stats have fallen. He showed some footage and Carr wasn't looking Cooper's way.

    Plus, Carr looked like his confidence was down. Not sure what's happening with the Raider's OL…

    Another interesting point was how defenses were rolling coverage over to Cooper.

    Amari will be good for Gallop's development. This was a good trade.

  8. Could they move Collins in the middle of the season?

  9. If we can get our offense clicking better I think we have a good shot. The line has to help Zeke get to the next level.

  10. @LawNation man I'm pounding the table about @RicoGathers…he is such a DB mismatch and Dak friendly and has the best TE hands. PLAY EM!!!

  11. Hurns to the slot makes the passing game dangerous and brings YAC into offense. you don't have any YAC opportunity with Beasley in the slot.

    This is what Scott lindhan doesn't get?

  12. Rico big and soft.can't take a hit.and won't hold on to the ball.doesn't embrace blocking.he only wants to catch the ball.

  13. When Rico is in the game its gonna only be 2 or 3 plays called. No option routs

  14. Rico need to get in the play book an work on his blocking. Hand placement and body positioning

  15. we need keep Lewis law you don't let talent like that go

  16. Linehan getting Amari Cooper two or three years after his career started the same as he did Megatron you think he can work some magic there? You think he's licking his chops, having flashbacks of the old days?. Lol…

  17. are offensive line coordinator is trash bro

  18. No I’m not buying the redskins! We should have won that game even with the 2 turnovers.

  19. continuity on o-fence is a good idea,Law

  20. We need to get rid of Paul Alexander

  21. … Amari Cooper is a positive addition to our Squad. If Amari is put in a position to win, and he wins, Zeke will win, Dak will win…

  22. Don’t worry law we will win all of our next 4 games

  23. Yo, keep da PositivEnerGy flo'n mi brotha… Alwayz! ?

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