1. If cowboys tank-out best case scenario draft best qb in the draft and get new head coach. Let dak start next season and if does well then you have a great trade piece and a you qb who playing for cheap thus being able to resign key players.

  2. Our organization we should of invested in a good Quartback coach to enchance dak game

  3. You're clearly a good man, but optimistic is not the word I would use to describe your particular position on the Cowboys. Insane is a word I might use, because we keep doing the same things with the same cast of jokers (Garret, Linehan, Prescott) and expect a different result. That's the definition of insanity, my friend, and we're all crazy for supporting these bums. Sad that a fine defense, and some decent offensive players will be wasted on this team.

  4. Hey Tony Romo finally is making it to the Super Bowl this year yeah baby as a commentator

  5. Play would have worked if Dak Prescott ran it himself and then Shuffle passed to Beasley. Neither here or there;) should of gone for it on 4th. He better learn his lesson while our division sucks.

  6. Law, do you really think Dak is the problem? I dont.

  7. Skins lost too…
    We need new coaches. New wide receivers. Our defense cant save us every game. Offenses need to deliver

  8. One question for Garrett why? Play Rico more ; go for it on 4 and 1; fire Kellen Moore.

  9. Byron Jones did a good job Hopkins just has amazing hands I don’t think Antonio Brown could make all them catches

  10. Romo throws a lil better than Dak but you can help Dak with that get him a better qb coach but truth be told he is a better decision maker than Romo cause he don’t force picks or throw in double coverage

  11. Great insight man…. Cowboys for life!

  12. dak is not accurate,coaching sucked.jason needs to go. sorry to say it Dak is a back up, he can win you a game .but can not tigh wins together. can jason and if the o still sucks the next week. shit can linhan, still sucksafter that dak rides the pine,put in one of the back ups

  13. Can we please stop making excuses for dak

  14. Would have gone for it on 4th down, that said we were in good position if we didn't give up a 49 yard pass play.

  15. Props to Jeff Heath who stopped 3 touchdowns including breaking up a 3rd down pass at the goal line. Also props to Jaylon & LVE. Our CB's got torched.

  16. What? We have been spoiled for years? What planet do you live on? We have gone to the playoffs 2 times since the last time we went to the Super bowl back in the 1990's. I, for one, I am sick and tired of watching us lose over and over and over again, year after year after of mediocre or substandard football.

  17. Lame video. Another we got to roll with Dak and bash Romo video . Must be a color thing cause it’s the same YouTubers defending him non stop.

  18. Great commentary Law
    I need say anything but without those 3 spin moves out of 3 should've been tacklers by Hopkins to get them in FG range,
    It likely would have ended much differently
    I've been commenting on our poor tackling as our defensive Achilles heel

    Peace out my brother

  19. Law, you are a beast. Love your composure. That's how an intelligent grown man acts. If you were based entirely on emotion, like the comment section, then your channel wouldn't be filled with smart and accurate analysis. Keep up the good work. Cowboys still got some fight in them.

  20. In my opinion, they need to let Dak become the natural passer he has shown us the first year he turned pro. They want to make him a drop back passer and that never was his style. Sure, he hasn't been as good as he was his first year but I believe they have taken away his ability somewhat to do what he has long been accustom to doing. You can't put a horse in a dog race and expect him to change what he knows. Let Dak do his thing and I bet he will play much better.

  21. well we will be the same until then

  22. Daks inaccuracy is a problem! That pass to Austin was way to high only to be intercepted

  23. All of you Dak haters want to continue to bash him but fail to talk about receivers not catching balls in their zone … is Dak suppose to throw it and run and catch it to? Honestly can't stand my own teams "fans"



  26. I believe we need to draft one more dominant linebacker and defensive backs and wide receivers and defensive linemen

  27. Dont be mad, the more we suck, the closer JG is to leaving and the better players we can draft

  28. I think Bill Obrien is one of the worst coaches in the league and he outcouched Garrett. My problem isn't with Dak. He's a capable QB. We have ZERO skill position weapons after Zeke. Nice pick up in the 3rd round with Gallup but he isn't a weapon right now. He should be a solid #2. Hearns is garbage. Beasley can't do it all. Swaim looks like he can develop along with Gathers. But GARRETT has hit his ceiling. He has to go.

  29. Straight up truth Law. Nothing will change until Jerry Jones changes or is gone.

  30. That was a hard fraught game no doubt just one of those ones we came out on the losing end

  31. Bad play calling bad quarterback performance mixed with some critical ref calls that helped change the game and this was a tough L

  32. And for Jerry Jones to say that he do not want Dez Bryant back he might want to look at the future we need receivers and Jerry Jones being stuck up like all the years he's been with the Cowboys the owner of the Cowboys the GM of the Cowboys Cowboys is not going to go nowhere if Jerry Jones is still in the office

  33. My thoughts on that yesterday's game everybody know it was for coaching everybody know game on the line in overtime 4th and 1 why not go for it everybody know they need a whole new coaching staff

  34. Dak not accurate ! But when he is . The wideouts drop
    And Dak seems comfortable throwing on the run
    But yet we don’t do more play action and rollouts. Barley any read options . Coaching staff doesn’t play to anyone’s strengths
    The oline isn’t very good anymore either

  35. Law what game were you watching? Dak played balls out!

  36. I'm actually not upset and wanting heads to roll, disappointed yes, but the Texans out played us, they made crucial plays when needed we didn't, their Receivers produced our didn't, they're tops in stopping the run and did. last in pass protection, but we didn't capitalize, no Paul Masson for me.

  37. Law i been a fan since dorsett

  38. If dak would throw a pass that isn't high or low we would be in better shape than we are now

  39. I watched the game last night it seems as if Dak and Zeke was held back cause of poor planning and play calling…… Football is about strategy and coaching……. That's why you have plays smh time for a new coaching staff same thing keep happening it's time to stop looking at the players and start looking at the staff

  40. Rep Silver and Blue and hope for a new offense scheme after this season.

  41. Law Nation I’m hiring Will McClay as team President & Chris Richard HC, one play with RICO! Release Garrett & Lineahan, I’m approving this message.

  42. Dak can be a lot better if this stupid ass staff would actually use his skill set and come up with something different and unpredictable.

  43. He should be the head coach and that's no doubt

  44. Texans game was horrible play calling. Austin caught it. That CB didn’t intercept it. And they were holding all game

  45. as fans we should be super worried not about playoffs, we should be worried about being turned into a joke of the league, we aint no playoff team the coaching sucks garrett has turned this team into the browns of the NFC we don't deserve to make the playoffs a team that cant even score a couple of touchdowns aint no playoff team, got nerve to punt on 4th and 1 gtfoh

  46. But the rest of the div sucks. The positive. The negative. This was the soft part of the schedule.

  47. Look. We got a lot of talent and when need someone to make it work period.

  48. Law it's the same old song with this team.

  49. Man everyone dropping ball y'all always ready to crucify Dak but he can throw a dot but if no one catches the ball man..

  50. Tony Romo covered up Garrett's lack of a coherent passing scheme.

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