1. My boys are coming sit back and watch the show lol we them boys lol

  2. People make a big deal of them trying to put pieces around Dak because the Cowboys want him to succeed. Can we blame the Cowboys for that? Whether you are a Dak fan or a Dak hater, the Cowboys should be doing everything in their power to make the team better and get players around Dak for him to succeed. If it works and we start winning, are Cowboys fans really going to complain?

    Worst case scenario, they build a solid team and then find a different QB who can make the team work with all of the other pieces we will have in place.

  3. Who else had a Eastern Motors Redskin Advertisement pop up before for the video started ???

  4. I'm getting tired of the grinch ad lmao. The theme song is annoying me now.

  5. Can we get a film breakdown of Cooper Law?

  6. Dak is not going to lay an egg, if he hasn't done that now with the little help he has had. What makes people think he will now that Gallop is getting better and with the addition of Cooper.

  7. Amara coop' is a good pic up'now is this to ball' Jason- Lenahan- got to step up on' their play call-in.. offense line also' gotta block better..so Dak& Zeke can eat..

  8. Law this is the time 4 Rico' to shine' the middle of the field is wide open..keep throwing him the ball..

  9. To all the Dak haters……… here is a list of 1st round QBs, since 2000, i excluded last year's draft, it's too early to tell……..

    San Bradford
    Tim Tebow
    Cam Newton
    Jake Locker
    Blaine Gabbert
    Christian Ponder
    Andrew Luck
    Brandon Weeden
    EJ Manuel
    Blake Bottles
    Johnny Manziel
    Jamies Winston
    Marcus Mariota
    Paxton Lynch

    We better be careful what u wish for, I only see 3 QBs, that I would take over DAK…. ALL TAKEN IN THE FIRST ROUND SINCE 2000

  10. I believe Amari can be the outside threat we've needed. I think michael gallup can be the hybrid inside outside slot reciever like Terrance Williams use to be

  11. He drops half his balls, is wildly inconsistent; it'll be like Dez never left!

  12. With the trade the cowboys have given Dak enough rope to untie himself or hang himself. It's on Dak now going forward. Go Cowboys…

  13. I cannot say much on this cause I cannot predict future! All I CAN honestly say is that I am hopeful that Amari Cooper will contribute positively to Cowboy offense. Hopefully Amari and Dak will succeed big time! With that contribute to Cowboys team as a whole leading them to playoffs and World Champions of the NFL! I know that is strong wish however the fan I am and the unpredicability of this sport crazier unexpected things have happened!

  14. I don't agree Law. Dez is not as dynamic as Amari. Amari is a homerun threat.

  15. Just got done watching Coop's first interview with the Cowboys. So excited for the Next Gen Triplets!

  16. That Nick guy don't know anything he needs to stop.

  17. As far as Evaluating Dak, here's on more thing, get rid of Kellen Moore and Scott Linehan!

  18. Lost a 1rd pick for 2019, but the question is could we draft a top WR between 13-18 pick? NO we are not!, so giving away a 1st rd is a good risk! 24y/o w/2ProBowls, and isn’t a high maintenance player! With Cooper and Gallup we have a decent 1,2,3 punch now! Hurns disappears in big games and our speedster but can’t catch!, so I think we can build on our WRs and address a OLine issue! We need a Tackle to replace Tyron! He isn’t the same with the coach?, or his back? Something is up with our line with the coaching change! We can restructure some of those contracts and keep our main players! What a deby downer!! Dak is going to ball! So no worries! GO COWBOYS!

  19. Sammy Watkins?! Dudes a fool I would rather have Amari any day!!! He is only 24 years old!!!

  20. He did have drops last year and is known for it. My question is, why only 32 targets this season, so far? 22 catches in 32 targets. Cole Beasley has 1 more catch than Cooper has targets. I don't like the first rd pick for him, but something had to be done.

  21. I’m hearing that Cleveland is not happy with Todd Hailey don’t know if I spelled his last name right but you get the point what do you think of him as our OC!!!!

  22. Don't worry about the drops Cowboys fans,they better cover him and cover him good and they will cover him with a safety up top, there no corner on the coming schedule that can man up on Cooper, Zeke is going to eat good

  23. Magnanimous is the word that best describe Chris Carter's take on this move.

  24. We can get fitzmagic! lol

  25. It's about damn time Cris Carter making some sense

  26. Jenna and Nick be dry hatin dry talkin

  27. Preach Law Preach

  28. The way that the NY giants are shipping pieces away do you think we should get Landon Collins if available

  29. law if we don't make the playoffs and garret and crew is sent home don't b surprised jerry brings back dez next year or sooner

  30. Nick ALWAYS jumps to some stupid crap. " waa waa How are they going to pay him and him and him " ..https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/dallas-cowboys/
    Cowboys have 55 mil in cap this offseason and 11 mil NOW. D.Law isn't playing at the level he did last season. He is doing good but not where he was. Cowboys don't have to worry about Cooper until after next season and Zeke after that. Dallas will be fine. Dak already stated he wants to be team friendly in his deal. This is like the 3rd segment that I'VE seen where Nick jumps to payroll WITHOUT even looking at the cowboys cap…

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