1. Lets go!! Yo law are you hyped for the longhorns vs sooners game? #hookemhorns

  2. Amari cooper is better than cooper kupp derek carr is just trash

  3. Get rid of linehan and kellen Moore obviously dak doesn’t respect them especially kellen Moore who’s idea was it to make him a QB coach when dak is way better than kellen more doesn’t make sense they’re sabotaging dak so they don’t have to pay him I truly believe that idk why they’re doing it but jerry needs to sell the cowboys to someone else he ruined and garret and linehan and kellen they all need to go dak is a very capable QB he’s gonna be great just watch

  4. I feel like I’m looking at James harden??

  5. The following are Lawisms-You know how this thing goes. Let's get this thing goin, one way or another. Live like 95. Hands like pillows. All day every day, even twice on Sunday. Pluck the ball out of the sky. Too much air on that ball. Gonna get medievel! He can't hit water if he fell out of a boat. My brother from another mother, don't look like Danny Glover. The guy dropped like a Hodini trick. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Folded up like an arm chair. One Mark Holmesism- Beat him like a red headed step child. I like this language. Hey we had hands around Rams' throats in 2016. If it wasn't for the muffed punt by Ryan Switzer.

  6. I hope we lose out so we can draft a real QB… Justin Herbert…. Dak has got to go….

  7. @. Tony Romo fans that are obsess with the past… Tony Romo was garbage and rode the bench for 3 years under the guidance of Bill Parcells Hall of Fame Super Bowl champion coach before he got the start… it was Bill Parcells that made Tony Romo what he *WAS*… Dak Prescott showed what he could be in 2016. it was Jerry Jones responsibility to give him everything he needed to succeed which includes a capable head coach.

  8. 34 -10 cowboys win Hey Law Nation you look like Nba player James Harden but better .

  9. Kupp kinda like Jarvis Landry

  10. Cowboys will bounce back this week. That’s how this 8-8 organization is. We got them 27-24..

  11. If we're looking for a head coach. It's going to have to be someone that Jerry Jones has a lot of trust in. The reason being the coach would have a lot more power in decision making. If we were to just hire anybody they would have to play by the Jones's rules.

  12. No college coaches, that wouldn't work.

  13. Their receivers have a QB That can get the ball to them, if Cowboys had a QB That could throw our receivers would be good too, Allen Hurns would take the top off if he had some one to throw to him.

  14. Law, The Los Angeles Rams Tight Ends are:

    ⏩Tyler Higby

    ⏩Gerald Everett

  15. FACTS, Law, When Aaron Rodgers lobbed that pass up to Jared Cook, I knew that the game was LOST because I wasn't SURPRISED that:

    ⏩Aaron Rodgers did that before he threw a Deep Lob Pass to Jeff Janis

    ⏩Aaron Rodgers had another pass like that as well to Richard Rodgers against no other than Detroit Lions.

  16. Dallas Cowboys 27, Detroit Lions 17

  17. Law you been sippin remy this morning….we in trouble bruhh

  18. Praying for an EXPLOSION tomorrow! Dak needs to regress just a little more. Regress to 2016 lol. 27-24 COWBOYS

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