1. His potential is off the charts, I see confidence in him that we didn’t see from the coaches with taco. I think he develop quicker, another pass rusher

  2. My mom know dorances mom we call dorance dj

  3. Dallas Cowboys are going to be fine, I've been a Cowboys man for over 40 years, I know my Cowboys a lot, all these guys got to do is play there position and stay healthy, my Cowboys will be on top this year, the offense looks great, defense looks great, second dary looks good this year, I like my Cowboys this year… Coaches pleaes make them play there position, this it and my Cowboys will be on top,. " Go Cowboys ". mitchellvallejos01@gmail.com

  4. I didn't even know about Armstrong till today. After watching his college highlights I'm impressed. I was most impressed at his all out effort while down 43-0 against TCU. Most guys on defense would slow down or just go through the motions when being blown out.

  5. Law baby— my nickname on cowboys fanzone is GORICO….so yes we must keep Rico and ball out

  6. Hasn't the Rico thing played itself out all these years? Every damn camp it's the same thing with this player. He shows so much potential but he never puts it all together.

  7. Armstrong will look good in #93.

  8. look at how Armstrong bends and uses his hands. Couple that with those long arms and speed and this kid can get 10 sacks if he gets significant playing time.

  9. Why can't they trade Jarwin and keep Rico? Rico has way more potential.

  10. I agree that 4 T.E's would work for us. The Cowboys is a unique team, with one major problem. Our Coaching needs to develop some creativity, and create defense nightmares for the defensive coordinators. Imagine this, three or for T.E's on the field at once. I know it sounds crazy, but it's legal and a Defensive Mis-Match Nightmare. Who else is doing something so Weird and Crazy? We need crazy packages that know one else has done. Before you slay me… Who came with Flex Defense, revived the man in motion, and the Shotgun formation? Don't kill my creativity.. Selah

  11. They can keep 4 TE's but in the long run that's not a need. Play them and get down to 3 or even 2 and use the others for a trade…..

  12. If he does well tonight Ealy gets released!!

  13. If I watch DA specifically I will miss specifics on others
    If we watch the team, we will see all that emerges

    We're blessed to have drafted Dorance Armstrong

    We also need to keep the less invested more returned Rico Gathers
    He hasn't cost us nor hurt us by his own actions as others we're still holding out hope for
    It's a known that TE is the hardest non-Qb position to learn & with the progress Rico's gained ,,,,
    ,,,,it's premature & waste to cut ties now

    I mirror your sentiments on how we need all 4 te's on the roster,
    We used Rico in a 4 TE roster last year
    We need him all the more this year
    I'm seeing Escaobar, Amendola, Bennett, Ware etc excel elsewhere & it's just brutally painful to know we couldn't or wouldn't use talents other team have & thruway they have

    A cold hard slap in the face to be denied reasons to cheer greatness INCE on our roster

  14. Its a big mistake to let go of Rico Gathers.

  15. cowboys have a good team just a dum coach

  16. Why are they giving him 74 if that’s a H.O.F number.

  17. No need to keep 3Qbs
    Roll with 2 and keep 4TEs
    No brainer

  18. Its obvious that Rico is the most talented and most athletic out of all the TEs idk wtf the Cowboys are doing might be backlash from Rico liking that post about Fire garrett so the clapper got ass hurt

  19. Bottom line DE left Tank & Taco right Gregory & Armstrong backing up both Tapper TE starter Rico backup Jarwin, Swain & Shultz

  20. 4 te for sure incase injury and they all can be used in different parts of the field.. Dorance is a technician on pass rush so i believe he will have as many sacks as dallas can give him opportunities (ie 3rd and long) I think he can be a 10 sack dude the first year. Im also looking foward to watching a good dallas defense. ??

  21. Geoff Swaim And Blake Jarwin have done nothing to prove they deserve A spot on this roster they getting that spot because of how they look And everybody on the team knows it that's why the defense been taking it out on them bad in camp

  22. Blake Jarwin And Geoff Swaim been in the NFL like what 5 combine years still haven't scored A TD In preseason or the regular season they've been getting all the reps in camp and preseason games And Rico still has more TD And Catches than both of them Shultz is the 2nd best catcher of the group after Rico but he doesn't have NFL strength to hold up on NFL blocks yet Swaim should be cut but the Cowboy won't cut him because of how he looks

  23. I see no need to keep 4. I get keeping Schultz because he's your 4th rd pick and a blocking TE, supposedly. I get keeping Rico for the insanely high potential/upside. What I DON'T get is keeping both Jarwin and Swaim when they're (I'm telling yall..) the EXACT same guy. Waste of a roster spot. Keep Jarwin, he is overall better.

  24. The patriots go to super bowls by throwing to a little WR and a big TE. Gotta keep Rico for situational work even if he's 3rd string. And we only need 3 anyway.

  25. Go back to his college tape this kid can play,he's got crazy bend and wiggle. Should be descent for the future for once Dallas has a ton of pass-rushers.

  26. By The Way, Everyone that was clamoring to see Kenny Vaccaro to play Safety with the Dallas Cowboys, Well, He decided to sign with Tennessee Titans.

  27. Well, Law Why Not keep 4 Tight Ends on the Roster, If Not At least Dallas Cowboys gave it a chance and not just rule it out quickly, Also, We have to look at the Wide Receivers because we have a lot of receivers that can MAKE PLAYS as well. Dallas Cowboys have to think about The Salary Cap and NOT REACH and EXCEED it.

  28. For Dorance Armstrong to wear #74 would be AU COURANT (Meaning Up-To-Date, Stylish)

  29. Dorance Armstrong Former Kansas Jayhawks Defensive End ADDS DEPTH to the Defensive Line and he is and will be a PLAYMAKER on every snap he gets.

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