1. Officials swallow more then their whistles..

  2. Lol there should have been flags on cowgirls too

  3. Law Baby— i am really impressed at your professionalism and clear attention to detail in this particular film breadown of Rico Gathers…it was clearly without a doubt an 'Arm bar" foul against Gathers…and no excuse for not calling this foul….this along with the phantom foul called on LP Ladecour is totally inexusable….it cost us the game…because if foul was called against Gathers then Dak would not have fumbled ball in end zone..if the unfair foul call on LP was not called we would have made field goal..Refs wrongly determining outcome of games is INEXCUSABLE

  4. What about the hits Dak has taken? The one where he was flying out of bounds and the one when JJ Watt picked him up and slammed him.

  5. ??? cowboys fans mad as shit. Yall got that ass whooped get use to it. That young Dline ain't doing nothing but getting better and better. HTTR

  6. Dez still didnt catch it

  7. The Cry Baby's from Dallas are coming out of the woodwork ! – The Cowboys didn't play there best Game ! – That is it ! – This was one of the Best ( Cowboys, Redskins ) in a long Time ! " )

  8. Maaaaaannnn you begging, Give It Up the Cowboys lost because there Dookie.

  9. 1-800-waaaaaaaa, ext. Boo Hoo. Dallas ya lost, EAT IT, & YOU DIDN'T GIVE US ANYTHING, LET'S BE CLEAR, WE WON (TOOK) IT. LOL. HTTR!!!!!!!

  10. Ik i wasnt tripping the refs have been against dallas in ALL AWAY GAMES!!!

  11. The flags and missed or wrongful calls were horrendous. BUT Dak had two costly fumbles, Zeke was contained for under 100, Brett Maher literally missed if that was Bailey that's money, clock management as well, our coach seriously doesn't know how to manage the clock. Too many mistakes and always playing from behind. Team loss at least we have a solid WR in Cooper

  12. Great video . . . You need to document all suspect and non call should be flags to spread throughout Cowboys Nation to show how the league unfairly seems to penalize us . . . This has been going on for years. . .it would be nice to get fair call games.only way this stops is if we show proof and call them out!

  13. This motherfucka so salty he made a pass interference video fucking lame Redskins one get over it

  14. The NFL is losing fans due to BS like this! ?

  15. stop crying!!! they both was going after the ball. They both were arm checking! there's at least two times that I saw where your offensive line was holding and that wasn't called!!!

  16. No, the refs have been secretly order by Rodger Goodell, to fuck the Cowboys.


  17. LAW all jokes aside this goes on every week now in most games the REFS making Buffalo wild wings commercials? during football games this has to stop let the players decide the games not yall!!!

  18. Do a video on how many times Preston Smith and Ryan was held with NO holding calls at all! Com' on man! We will see y'all in Jerry's World!! #HTTR!

  19. Law I know it hurts brother but you got to move on to the next game. Officials miss alot of calls. Collins was holding all day. They called it twice? Isnt 22 a rookie? You see Richardson setting up for that hit? Just turn the page.

  20. Good no call.. could have went ether way.. they both was holding and reaching

  21. Horrible refs cowboys should of won

  22. Give me a reason why Redskins scored and yal didn't your kicker cant make a 52 yarder I bet dan bailey would of

  23. Yal forget he is playing the football and also the receiver is also doing a lil hand fighting himself so sometimes the refs dont always call

  24. Did that cost u the game Redskins scored off Dak fumble so why Blaim the refs stop making excuses dak is trash

  25. Dallas should have won that game

  26. You must be a cowboy fan…

  27. Wow can cowboy fans just admit the redskins are better
    Flag or not
    Redskins had offensive killed drives as well
    Missed a big touchdown to sprinkle
    You guys just aren’t better than them

  28. Remember cowboys when yall cheated the Lions out that playoff win. When that was clearly pass interference on the LB the refs swallow that whistle as well.

  29. The ball was not catchable. HTTR!!

  30. Cowboys got screwed throughout the whole game……

  31. Stop crying and looking for a bail out from the refs. Strap up and get ready for the next play. That's football.

  32. Lol, yall just salty. It was going both ways with the missed calls.

  33. Take all the looks you want ???


  35. Yes please continue to throw things like this out there maybe the NFL will take notice to the fact that fans are showing them how horrible their officiating really is. Now i hate blaming the refs in a loss because i dont blame them in a win. But some of the calls in this game were atrocious. Just like someone else said the false start for the redskins when they called Lawrence for encroachment (the first time) was just ludicrous. If you watch the replay Lawrence doesnt even come out of his stance and he is no where near lined up in the neutral zone. Then on that flag against the long snapper. I mean come on he never lifted the ball off the ground. He was adjusting his grip on the ball just like every single center to ever play the game does. But since the only other option was to call encroachment on the redskins moving the field goal to a shorter distance then the refs had no choice but to call it on Dallas. I mean i understand a missed call here or there but when there is a penalty that everyone can clearly see against the opponent and you call something random on the other team instead. I mean come the fuck on. Also just want to say i pointed out the lead officiator there, cant remember his name but he is notorious for horrendous calls against the cowboys. Lastly and rant will be done. I read an article earlier where Gruden told the officiating crew before the game that our deep snapper likes to move the ball to draw people off sides….shouldnt that be like a fine or something lol. Sounds a little fishy to me he just happened to mention that and then they call it…at the end of the game….when the game is on the line.

  36. Mr. Law, you sound like a Disk Jockey on a late night radio station that plays Motown hits. Jerry is getting punished by the football gods.

  37. You might as well go all out Jerry

  38. I would look for someone to replace Conner, talk to a team that sucks and trade for a probowl guard give up a 2nd round pick

  39. Yea f@&@ the refs this weekend.

  40. The offensive line still sucks, well mainly Conner W.

  41. If we dont win now with Cooper, then the Raiders win they get a top 15 or better pick

  42. He purposely undercut him that should have been a penalty. I bet Washington would have got the call. They Missed a ton of calls against them and was painting the field yellow on every positive play we made. Sad part is the league won't address this madness

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