1. Skinny guy talks tooo much bro

  2. Those 2 are heated with each other hope they can catch a beer together after the show.

  3. He had romo in his prime that’s y the clap look decent! Voch is stupid

  4. For sleeping during meetings but not during a fucking game… no we haven’t seen that clap check shittt

  5. Got shut down by this skinny dude ????

  6. Accountability for stepping out of bounds accountability for missing a block… accountability dumb fuck voch

  7. If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle!!!!

  8. Voch is like akoye media…. the games we win he can say oh player execution blah blah blah!!! I would love to see the videos of voch during our 13-3 season with dak or what that stupid fuck akoye was saying then!!! They are the fucking real 80%ers ??

  9. I seriously wish I would see coach one day!!!

  10. No shit if we execute we will win, but don’t the fucking coaches prepare the players to execute… voch is a stupid ***

  11. Zeke was running and looking back at Dak it was just a mistake not coaching

  12. Let's go out here and get this win Boyz

  13. How is it the coaches fault that Zeke stepped out of bounds and fumbled the ball? That's just something he should know not to do. He messed up and that's what it is. Lol Homeboy is crazy and so damn sensitive.

  14. I hope the Cowboys beat the lions

  15. James hard headed lol. But I agree partly with what he says about the Cowboys culture or Garrett's Culture.

  16. #88 Ron Sellers caught the winning touchdown from Staubach with seconds left to beat the 49ers 30-28 in NFC playoffs in 1972. The next year, 1973 Drew Pearson wore #88 and caught Staubach's 83 yard touchdown pass to beat Rams 27-16 in NFC playoffs, the rest is history, but I wanted to give Ron Sellers props.

  17. Jeff Heath da man, dude could sling the ball too, get a pick, and then kick the extra point, lol.

  18. You guys all did a great job, thanks.

  19. Damm Voch ' James ' Law ' Cowboys nation in Da houzze..

  20. We should have beat the Seahawks we have way more talent

  21. wassup Law- and Voce' put dat film action on man..much luv.. Cowboys nation..

  22. play Rico man' let's see wat he can do..

  23. Voch stay dick riding coaching lol ? talking about execution what about coaching players till they execute well..Monday to Friday what are they doing in practice obvious not enough

  24. Voch is destroying James ??

  25. I knew voch was big but my nigga you Aint suppose be that big ya arms proving me right voch come on. Eat to live Elijah Muhammad

  26. Where are the players i dont wanna see yall uglys lol(jk LAW)

  27. Tell Kanye to drop the album

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