1. Where iAm from Born& Raised: Monroe Louisiana, now livin in Southern Arkansas. Dallas vs WashinGton. Cowboys vs Indians. Da best rivalry in football. Boyz win bi 10. Look for da Boyz 2 come out throwin' da ball.. Early.

  2. I know he's trying to be real, but BigGameJames is sleeping on Chido and INTs. Let's give him some time to master the system and I'm willing to bet we'll see the INT #, at least, look like his Colorado numbers.

  3. We got this, MANNN!!..We have turned a corner. This team tasted defeat. Now its go time! 43-10 dallas wins. A bye, then we back in that ass, like a shotgun blast. Dc4L…B1

  4. Why are they β€œdoing right by” terrence williams, but they fucked over Dez Bryant?????


  5. Just win cowboys win……

  6. By the way they're gonna bet the Washington Redskins 35 to 10 the boys are going to win and I'm only given the skins 10

  7. What's up Law i know it has been an hour ago and I missed it I've never can catch the live show just want you to know I really enjoy U shows man

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