1. Lmfao. Cowshit fans bringing up older games. Your boy didn’t even touch 50 yards vs us. Sit your brokeback mountain ass down.

  2. He Let Old Adrian Peterson outshine his ass.

  3. Don't own us anymore???

  4. Old ass Highlights where was he at today ? This is a new defense get ready to deal with us for the long run

  5. He got 33 yards lol

  6. Got only 25yrds today lol

  7. Maybe Cowboys should go direct snap to Zeke from now on. And have him run an option with Austin behind him. Leave Dak out of the equation.

  8. 1:081:11… look at the tackle lead for Zeke..he's crushes that corner and finishes him off by sandwiching his ass… wicked!!!

  9. That’s so odd gurley has only played the skins once

  10. These defenses know they got a problem with Zeke when they gotta play them Cowboys…feed him and see I'm predicting a 165 yard game tommarrow mark my words

  11. You do realize Jonathan Allen was injured last year and the addition of Daron Payne, might make a difference… right ?

  12. I agree. Zeke is the best RB in the league. I could only imagine the things Zeke would be doing with an elite QB.

  13. I’m sorry, but it’s actually hard to determine who’s the legit best back in the league right now. With all this talent and production you can’t clearly label anyone that’s on a completely different level than the other. During the 90s, it was clear of Sanders being the best. 80s, Payton. 2000s, LT. Late 2000s/Early 2010s, AP. Now, there’s a toss up. Bell has been showing longevity(outside of this foolish holdout) since 2014 which you can say he is the best but the holdout takes him completely out the picture this year. Stats don’t truly define how good a player is 100% of the time. Relying on stats would clearly show Gurley is the best right now. Or even Melvin Gordon who by far is the most underrated back in the league. The guy does it all just like the three mentioned earlier and generates as much if not more yards after contact with an inferior offensive line. Then you got this Barkley kid who’s just utterly amazing. John Conner is a backup and is not far behind all of these guys in production this year. I say give it until 2020 to determine who’s the best back in the league. Elliot has made a very strong case but isn’t as flashy on the field as others. I do like him though, he’s old school with good speed and power. Also has great footwork. Reminds me of a smaller Eddie George with speed. The other guys are more a Roger Craig type of deal.

  14. I like this format. The clip add ins take you back.

  15. Look history is good to watch but Washington has made some real changes. And while all that film showed Zeke running through Washington's Defense its because He had a line during that time that was supposed to have been the best in the league. That line is not the same and Washington's defense is not the same. Dallas owns its own destiny and every time they own their own destiny they lose. They can move into 1st place in the NFC East with a win.

  16. Feed zeke it opens up the full playbook.

  17. I used to like Shannon, he's our #1 hater. Captain of the hate team. Starter of the hate squad. I'm done.

  18. You know the defense on the w redskins is not much different then what it was in all those plays you just showed So what makes everybody think that Washington is gonna come out and dominate the cowboys Number one we have a better defense than we've had in a long time Number 2 our office is finally coming 2gether Z is still gonna run the same as he did back then So what is this redskins gonna smack the cowboys thing Please explain

  19. Bar None Zeke is the best all around RB in the game along with gurley but Zekkkkkk ? is #1!!!! He is like Gail Sayer's in a way and drafted 4th just like Gail can't forget Bob Hayes Dallas always find the one!!!

  20. You must be smokin k2 to say some idiot shit like that.

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