1. No word is being said about the Falcons because they have had more recent success. Matt Ryan career stat line: 43,397 yards passing, 271 tds, 94.0 qbr. Furthermore, Atl has had more recent playoff appearances than Dallas. The Cowboys have been mediocre for quite sometime. Dak is an average qb that needs needs talent around him to have success. Imho the criticism that the team is getting is valid.

  2. Dak just needs to stand there and throw like he did in 2016

  3. I may sound crazy.. But i think they set up Dak to fail this year so they dont have to pay him big money in the next upcomming year. And are probably planning on getting a stud wr on the draft and just retain our guys like dlaw

  4. I'm gon ride wit Law and Dem Boyz. If this season goes to shit then lets talk change.

  5. I don't think that Tavon Austin hands are brick I think the whole Dak friendly is getting misconstrued maybe it's coaching

  6. Thinking need to be some changes maybe coaching maybe it's Jason Garrett but I don't know I'm just a fan I just want input

  7. Not going to compare him to Dak cause everyone knows his first year was a fluke

  8. Can't make people like Dak he sucks! And why would Atlanta cry on a Dallas channel? You make no sense! Yes it's all daks fault

  9. Fall is trash law Fuck him I hope Dak lose every game.. Fuck him.. I hope he lose…

  10. Law, lmao this has been one of my most favorite videos you put out there. Need more people calling out this fan base. I love the cowboys but absolutely hate the fan base. If you are a Dallas Cowboy you wont feel the love until you are gone because unfortunately that is how the majority of our fans are. They love the backups until they start and then they start hating them or they love them as soon as they are gone. Jason Witten, Dez, Romo are some of the best examples. I even see people trashing Troy Aikman on the regular but claim to have been a Cowboy fan since 1970 lmao. I just want a team to win the damn lombardi trophy. I dont give a damn if it is no one none of us have ever heard of i just want to be relevant again for winning. Not drama or losing or whatever else these talking heads can come up with to stay relevant. I think too many fans get hung up on building a dynasty to realize those days are over. The cap that was put into place made sure of that. The only dynasty around now is the Patriots and that is because Tom Brady and Bill Belichik run that organization and you have two guys obsessed with football to the point that during the season they dont see their families because they spend every waking moment trying to win. Once one of them is gone there will no long be a dynasty in the NFL. Meaning you have windows. The cowboys have had their windows but this staff cant get them over the hump. No staff for the Cowboys will until Jerry gets his damn ego in check and admits he was wrong and then gets someone who spent their entire life preparing to coach in the NFL to take over the team.

  11. I can remember when Craig Morton and Roger Staubach were switching every other play, Law.

  12. We lost three games by a total of thirteen points. This team only needs time to jell.

  13. I heard the same thing when Dandy Don Meredith, Danny White, Gary Hogeboom , so on and so on. This is a team sport. It is the team that lost not just Dak. They're just going to have to battle through the problems. We as fans have to be patient with this team. There are new players at Receiver basically at TE and LG be patient. We also have a QB coach that doesn't have that much experience either. Give them time. Dak still has several WR that he doesn't know very well.

  14. Ryan Switer making plays in Pittsburgh

  15. Come on Law. I want Dak to succeed just as much as anyone. But I watch a lot of Cowboy fans and National media throw Dez under the bus and blame him for what still going on.

  16. And where is Butler bri g him back and wo t use him SMFH….

  17. Same story over and over again; some players have changed same story, the only thing that's stayed the same to continue the story;! JASON GARRETT =8n8 over and over again 10 years 3 good seasons SmFh…..

  18. I'm with you Law. 👏👏👏👍

  19. It doesn't matter who they put around him he's thrash he struggles on third down and 4 shouldn't need number one receiver for that or a great coach it's his third year

  20. I know it’s way to early but can you do a film session on possible 1st round wrs in the draft we might get.

  21. Man i stay in Atl the defense is hurt you cant compare the 2 . We suck

  22. This team aint gone get things going….prepare for the draft

  23. Man I wish I could hit the cantina…lol nobody scared to tell you dak is a bum in person

  24. Who cares about atlanta….worry bout dallas

  25. Yeah he did make miles Austin. You can make the argument that TOs the only receiver that had great success without romo

  26. But we don't care about Atl! We're frustrated with yrs of mediocrity!

  27. So, as a Cowboys fan, I'm not supposed to critique the quarterback??? This rant sounds just as emotional as those who you are railing against (the so-called haters). Maybe Prescott indeed has potential. Maybe he does. But anyone really analyzing his play over the last few seasons will have to agree that he has digressed. Calm down bro. Criticism comes with the territory. People, fans, are frustrated and disappointed.

  28. But Atlanta wins playoff games and Atlanta GOES to the superbowl. Apples and oranges law. Dak is trash and garret has to go.

  29. I love your show one of the only places I get my Cowboys news from. I think Dak is a average QB at best but you can win with a in the middle QB. I believe this coaching staff isnt doing him any favors with the play calling. This defense is legit it's the bright spot for 2018,I believe Jason Garrett has shown you all he is over the last 9 seasons. It's been time for Dallas to move on I hope they do.

  30. I've watched the all 22 from every offensive play so far (shout out Voch Lombardi). Every game it has been some of Dak, some of Zeke, some of everyone on the o-line, some of the receivers. The entire offense needs to tighten up. When your probowl tackle and guard are missing assignments, is that Jerry's fault? The coaches? Or does the leader need to step up and light a fire under everyone's ass. We need a leader on offense.

  31. Law you're better than this, using extremes to try to sell your point. Dak is not good and everyone can see, his rookie year is not who he is.

  32. Preach that shit law..I been saying the same shit for days everybody love to talk shit to me cause im a cowboys fan

  33. Yo, Law: Despite wut we Cee r hear, juz believe da Boyz will fiGure it out. Stay positive 4Eva! 😉

  34. We don’t know what Dak is yet. There’s a lot of things that tell you if he doesn’t have the running game or TE he just can’t get it done. We see people flip flopping like oh hell play better if he has receiver by committee corps and we don’t need a # 1 and now everyone like oh he don’t have any targets and blah blah.

  35. Brah… You're ridiculous!!

    Ain't nobody crying… What you call crying, is really realist, plain n simple.

    We all discuss, dissect, analyze, etc our Dallas Cowboys, afain, plain n simple. That's what we do, that's all we can do. When they win n celebrate. Doesn't mean we suddenly have the best team in all the history of the nfl, duhhh 🙄

    We celebrate, have fun, drinks some beers… But we don't stop talking about what's wrong with cowboys. Where we can improve. Will we be able to win against the better or best teams in the league… Or the hot teams, as in on fire 🔥?!!

    Damn right Atlanta fans are discussing what's wrong, etc, etc… As well as what's right…

    You're just yelling to yell. You know, the more I yell, the more I say I'm a good fan, the more people will hear me…

    Dude, you're a joke….

    Dak sucks n I, like many, have said this since day one.

    Dude, we have takes from the crypt Jerry, his baby huey bumbling fool for a son, stephanie.

    JG is a bum…

    But Troy, as an example, got with leaders on the team as far as players. And steady-Ed the ship n basically called his own plays, offense as well as defense to win their 3rd SB.

    Look it up brah. It's all in black n white. From Irvin talking about Troy doing this, to coaches on that team…

    Tales from the crypt n Barry bozo, stood to the side for the entire what, 95/96 season n SB win?!!!

    Yes, Cooper Rush is better. And get out of here, Cooper has done really good since he's been with Cowboys. The only time he was not, or didn't look great. Was this preseason!!

    And that's because they were desperate for OLinemen!!!

    So they played 2nd n 3rd stringers when Cooper played. So please brother. You're ridiculous, dumb, n such. No damn lie…

    Quit already…..

  36. U got to throw the ball down field law

  37. The worst thing I ever heard from one of our own fans is he said "Troy Aikman was garbage".

  38. Troy Aikman is right it means nothing if you don't have accuracy

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