1. Voch speaking facts on Dak he hasn't given us a losing season yet. Give this man more tools i.e. better team and coach

  2. We have become the NFC Bengals. Loads of potential, an average head coach who is beloved of the Owner, Overrated QB, and a team that can't win when it matters. If they beat Philly this week- they will figure out a way to break your heart at some point later on in the season. Truth !

  3. Garrett fucking sucks and its insane to defend him short of sympathy for working under Jerry

  4. On Cowboys failures..Root cause analysis …..Linehan >….. Garrett > …………JERRAL JONZAH!

  5. Cowboys fans are desperate and not loyal

  6. Good podcast. Can't stand some of the fickle fans that don't pay attention to the real problems. Hated Dez and now love him. Hated Tony and now want him back. Thinking the loss of Witten didn't make much of a difference.

    There are so many problems on offense that I believe it's a coaching issue. And you're right in saying that fixing the o-line will help mask our offensive issues again. But now that we know about these issues, we need to fix them.

  7. Yo law love your work brother keep doing your thing

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